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The episode starts with Savi saying to Vinayak that she has only kept one condition and they have not even accepted it and I overheard their conversation. Ashwini asks what she heard. Savi reveals Samarth’s family’s real intentions. Vinu says she is overreacting. Savi says she won’t marry until she is sure about Samarth’s family. Bhavani asks Savi to stop.

Durva and Avni discuss what is the purpose of today’s meeting. They see Shika returning home and think it might be for Shika. Surekha asks Shika how her mother’s health is. Shika says she is still not completely cured. Surekha asks her to shift to her mother’s place if she wants. Shika gets shocked. Surekha reprimands her for going to her maternal house frequently. She asks Shika to change her ways. Surekha asks Shika to join Asmita in the kitchen.

Bhavani declares to Savi that Savi will get married to Samarth only. Savi argues with Bhavani but no use. Ashwini stops their arguments and tells Bhavani that she wants to talk to her alone. They go to talk alone in another room.

In the kitchen, Shika hugs Asmita in tears. Asmita consoles her. Shika asks what the purpose of this family meeting is. Asmita says I heard Durva and Avni’s conversation that Reeva and Ishaan are in love so I feel it’s meeting for them.

Ashwini asks Bhavani to change her decision and requests Bhavani to allow Savi to study. Bhavani says Savi will get married to Samarth. Ashwini asks Bhavani if she wants Savi to face a situation like Harini. Bhavani says it won’t happen in Savi’s case and if Savi refuses to do an engagement then I will go on a hunger strike. Ninad overhears it in shock.

Reeva and Ishaan see everyone in the living hall. Reeva asks why Yaswant called him to their family meeting. Swanand and Swati come there. Reeva feels surprised to see them and asks why they didn’t inform her that they are coming. Swanand says it’s a surprise planned by Yashwant. Swanand asks Surekha about Yashwant. Surekha goes to Yashwant’s room and tells him Swanand came. Yashwant comes to the hall.

Savi shows their parent’s achievements to Vinu. She asks Vinu why he is not helping her to achieve her dreams. Savi says you’re fulfilling your dreams then why you’re stopping me to become like our parents. Vinayak says he doesn’t want her to become like their parents.

Yashwant meets Swanand and tells him he called him to talk about an important matter. Swanand asks what is the matter. Yashwant says it’s a matter of Reeva and their family. Everyone gets shocked. Swati asks Yashwant to tell what’s the matter. Yashwant proposes Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding. Ishaan and Reeva feel happy and others get shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bhavani comes to Savi and says to Savi that she needs to forget about these books. Bhavani says to Savi that from now on her husband’s family and her marriage will be everything to her. Bhavani says to Savi that she needs to show Bhavani’s grandson to her within a year. Savi gets shocked hearing this.

Ashwini consoles Savi. Ashwini says to Savi that she can understand what she is going through. Ashwini asks Savi to run away from here.

Ishaan says to Reeva that he was dreaming of having a life with her and she hid something this big from him. Ishaan tears off his wedding card. Savi tears off her wedding card.

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