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The episode starts with Chief Doctor coming to Sai’s cabin. Sai asks him how’s Mrs.Avasti. She says she felt its a diabetic shock. The doctor says it was not a diabetic shock and she had a mild heart attack. Sai recalls her encounter with a new guy. She says Dr. Social media is correct. The doctor asks who.

Sai says one guy on the road predicted it was a heart attack and I thought it was a diabetic shock so he is correct and I’m wrong. The doctor smiles and asks who the guy proved their star doctor wrong. Sai smiles. The Doctor says the patient needs immediate surgery as 90% blockage is visible in the artery so she may have a major heart stroke if they didn’t do immediate surgery.

Sai says I’m ready for surgery but it’s a major one and I can’t handle it alone. The Doctor says a new Doctor is joining us from today onwards and doesn’t know why he didn’t reach till now. Satya comes there and says he is here. Sai feels confused seeing him.

The chief doctor welcomes Satya. She introduces Satya to Sai. Sai meets the new Doctor who turned out to be the one who diagnosed the commissioner’s wife’s condition. Satya says Google is always not wrong and says she can google his name and check his qualifications and skills. Sai and Satya tell their chief that they are ready for surgery.

Sai gets ready for surgery. She hears how her colleagues are discussing about Satya. Sai says they need to maintain their dignity. Mrs. Avasti says she feels good seeing her and says she is scared a little bit. Sai asks her to not worry and says surgery will be done smoothly without any disturbance.

Satya comes there with a speaker playing music. Sai reminds him it’s an operating theatre. He uses earphones. He talks to Mrs. Avasti and assures her he will complete her procedure in 2songs time. Mrs. Avasti asks him to play songs in the speaker. Satya asks Sai’s permission. Sai permits him.

Virat decorates Sai- Savi’s room. Sonali asks why he is decorating like they are going to stay here forever. Pakhi writes guest room on Sai’s room door. She says she will answer it. She says they are guests here. Virat receives a call and leaves. Pakhi leaves.

Bhavani smiles. Sonali asks Bhavani why she is smiling. Bhavani says destiny won’t change with her writings and it’s written in Sai’s horoscope today that she will have a new start in life and Virat decorated the room and isn’t it a new beginning? Sonali agrees.

Satya notices the state of the patient and gives her an injection without listening to Sai. Sai feels that the way Satya is doing the operation is wrong. She says she will handle the case and finishes the remaining procedure.

Later Sai complains to the Senior doctor that Satya is an irresponsible doctor and he kept Mrs. Avasti’s situation at stake during surgery. Senior Doctor says it’s not possible as I heard Satya is a very good doctor with a great track record.

Satya comes there and asks Sai if she complaining about him. Sai scolds him for his recess behavior during surgery. The senior doctor checks the file and says Satya saved the patient with his technique as their tests failed to show them multiple blockages and Satya handled the complication very well. Sai looks on.

The senior doctor asks Sai to not judge Satya very soon. He leaves. Sai asks Satya if he is a doctor or a joker. Satya recalls a lady who used to say him in that way. Sai leaves. Satya asks Sai to take her bracelet which she forgets in OT but she leaves. Later Satya collides with Virat in the hospital corridor. Virat sees Sai’s bracelet with Satya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat questions Sai about her bracelet. Sai says it will be here somewhere. She asks him if he remembers what he did on Holi day. She asks if he is still inebriated. Virat says no, why you said it that way.

Sai questions why he bought tiffin for her when his wife creates a scene for everything and then why he is giving her chances. Virat says you’re feeling it’s drama so don’t eat and leaves. In the cafe, Satya tries to give the bracelet to Sai but she is in anger moves her hand which makes curry falls on her dress.

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