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Episode starts with an jaw dropping scene in Bhosle family. Bhawar wants to marry Savi forcefully, he threats that if Savi wouldn’t marry him, he will kill Ishan. Suddenly Yashwant mentions the name of Shantanu, wants to know the real identity of Shantanu. When Bhawar learns that Shantanu is the father of Ishan, he makes fun of the situation. He instructs his goon team to kill Ishan.

At the same time, Shantanu appears in the Bhosle family through a secret door. He instructs the police officers the secret way through which they could enter in the place safely. Very attentively, they proceed towards the main hall of the wedding. They try to contact with Savi to get the final instructions or signal from her. Savi forbids Shantanu to shoot at first, But a misunderstanding create between Savi and the police officer because of the poor signal. Though the police officer throw a bullet, but it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Ishan also comes to that secret door and after many days finally Ishan and his father get united. Being overwhelmed, they hug each other. With the help of Ishan, Shantunu and the police enter into the hall. When the police officer threat
Bhawar that he will not spare him so easily, the villain doesn’t get afraid. Suddenly Bhawar shoots the police officer, which creates a intimidating situation in the Bhosle family. No one couldn’t understand how they will leave from their safely.

Aayush becomes freaked out with this situation and promises Bhawar he will help him out if Bhawar will let him go. To prove his integrity, Bhawar asks him to shoot the girls of the Bhosle family. Ayush couldn’t follow the words of the evil. A chaotic situation occurs in the Bhosle family. Now, Ayush instructed to kill Ishaan at first. Following the words of Bhawar, Ayush hits Ishaan very hard. Reva breaks down in tears. He inspires Ayush to continue the fight. Suddenly, Isha holds the hand of Ayush tightly.

To stop this threatening situation, Savi accepts the marriage proposal of Bhawar. She instructs the priest to start the chanting mantras of wedding. As soon as, Bhawar sits on the wedding stage, Ishan takes the chance and holds the gun. He points out his gun towards Bhawar and asks Savi to get up from there. But Savi doesn’t get agreed to get up from there because of other’s life security. To intensify his order, he confesses his love for Savi. He tells out that his heart still beats for his ex wife.

Suddenly, a bomb blast happens in the Bhosle house which is about to destroy the entire house. If Savi wouldn’t marry him, he will vanish the house. Savi interferes and asks Bhawar to continue the marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap: Bhawar will attempt his gun towards Ishaan to kill him.

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