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The episode starts with Savi recalling what happened. Savi thinks about the divorce papers and searches for it. Harini wakes up and asks Savi what is she looking for. Savi says she is looking for divorce papers. Harini says the divorce papers might have fallen in the hospital when the bag fell down there. Harini asks Savi to call the nurse. Savi calls the nurse. The nurse says to Savi that she has Savi’s envelope with her. The nurse says she will not be able to give it to her as she is in Nashik and she will only be able to give it to her once she returns to Pune. Savi agrees.

Ishaan comes into his room and thinks about Savi. Ishaan looks at the cuff links gifted by Savi and thinks about Savi.

Sashwat worries about the exams as he can’t remember anything. Savi gives an advice and some tricks to Sashwat on how to remember things well. Preeti asks Savi for her book. Savi looks at Ishaan’s name on the book and thinks about Ishaan. Savi leaves to the meet the vice chancellor.

Reeva says to Ishaan that she wants to meet Harini once and thank her as shs could have forced him and Savi to be together but she didn’t do it and if they are together now then it is because of her. Reeva sees Ishaan wore cufflinks that are cheap and comments on it. Ishaan comments on Reeva.

Savi asks the clerk when she can meet the Vice Chancellor. The clerk says Vice Chancellor is in an urgent meeting and says he can’t meet until she takes his appointment. Savi requests him to allow her to meet the Vice chancellor as it’s her life matter. Clerk agrees. Later Vice-chancellor comes to his cabin but he doesn’t talk to Savi. The clerk asks Savi to go and have food but she denies and waits to talk to him. Harini calls Savi to know where is she. Savi goes aside and tells her that she can’t come home until she meets Vice Chancellor. Savi goes inside and sees Vice chancellor already left. Clerk tells Savi that Vice chancellor refused to meet her without an appointment. Savi says she will stay here until she meets Vice Chancellor. Clerk advises her to meet Vice Chancellor in his guest house.

Savi comes to Vice Chancellor’s guest house but Guards refuse to allow her inside. Savi tries to break into the house but she fails and falls from the tree. The Vice-chancellor comes there and asks Guards to allow Savi inside. Vice-chancellor asks why she risked her life and what’s the emergency. Savi tells Vice chancellor how she got rusticated for 5 years without her mistake. She requests him to help her. The Vice chancellor asks her to get proof of her innocence so that he will remove the ban on her. Savi agrees to bring the proof.

Ishaan sees time and thinks it’s already late and Reeva might have already left. He comes out. Reeva meets him with a flower bouquet and asks him if they can go to meet Harini? Ishaan agrees.

Reeva and Ishaan come to Savi’s place. Savi comes there at that time and sees them. She asks why they came. Reeva says they came to greet Harini. Savi takes them inside and introduces Reeva to Harini. Reeva gives a bouquet to Harini. Savi sees Ishaan is wearing her gifted watch. Harini asks Savi to prepare tea for Ishaan and Reeva. Savi says Ishaan doesn’t drink tea so I will prepare Coffee. She goes to prepare Coffee. Harini apologises to Reeva for troubling them with her wish. Reeva tells her that now everything is settled and they are getting married very soon. Hearing this Savi burns her hand. Ishaan and Harini feel worried for her. Savi says she will apply the cream. She goes out. Harini follows her. She sees Savi in tears and questions the reason behind her pain. Savi covers up the situation and goes inside. Savi says she will prepare Coffee. Ishaan says it’s not needed and says they will leave.

Reeva tells Savi that her dad is handing Savi-Ishaan’s divorce case. She asks Savi to sign the divorce papers as soon as possible. Savi says she will sign them soon.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Savi’s tea stall is shown to be on fire. Ishaan takes out Savi’s belongings from the fire and says to Savi that he can’t allow her memories to be burnt. Reeva sees Ishaan’s hands are burnt. Reeva says that he burnt the hands on which she is about to put the ring. Savi asks Ishaan why did he do this as she means nothing to him.

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