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The episode starts with Reeva informing Savi that Swanand is handling her divorce case and asks her to sign the papers as soon as possible. Savi says papers are at the hospital and the nurse is out of station, I will sign them once I get the papers. Reeva agrees. Ishaan and Reeva leave from there. Savi sits in sorrow. Harini asks Savi if she started loving Ishaan. Savi lies to Harini that she doesn’t love Ishaan. Harini says she can see her love for Ishaan. Savi says it’s her misunderstanding and leaves.

The next day, Savi decides to search for Jacob to prove her innocence. She searches social networking sites but doesn’t find Jacob’s photo. Harini asks Savi to drink tea. Savi receives Saswath’s call. He informs her about the lead he got regarding Jacob. Savi says she has an idea.

Savi reaches Jacob and his friend’s hideout. Jacob and his friends try to escape from her. Savi tells them that she came to sell question papers to them so they can earn money. Jacob asks if she is recording the conversation. Savi gives them her phone and asks them to check. They check her phone. Savi turns on the recorder in her smart watch. Jacob asks how she has question papers. Savi tells them that she stole the papers using duplicate key which she got from Ishaan cabin. She shows the question paper to them and gains their trust. Jacob asks if it’s really tomorrow’s exam paper. Savi agrees and asks what’s her share? Jacob tells her that she will get 5lakhs. Savi agrees.

Savi sits with them to drink beer and asks why they framed her before. Jacob tells how they got an offer to frame her. Savi asks Jacob if he still has the voice message. Jacob says it’s just a one time view message. Savi asks when she will get money. Jacob says she will get it tomorrow. Savi is about to leave. Jacob gives a beer bottle to Savi and congratulates her for their partnerships. Ishaan who travels in the way spots Savi.

Savi calls Saswant and tells him that she recorded Jacob’s confession in his watch. Ishaan confronts Savi and questions what’s she doing with Jacob and his gang. He asks if she doesn’t think what others think. Savi tries to explain but he doesn’t listen. He asks if she started selling beer. Savi feels frustrated and tells him that he doesn’t have any right to question her. She asks him to do his work and leaves from there.

Savi comes home and gives the watch to Saswant. Saswant plays the recording and says they got proof of Savi’s innocence and Savi can write her exams. Harini sees Savi is lost. She asks Savi if everything is fine. Savi says everything is fine. Saswant asks Savi if she is suspecting anyone. Savi says now her focus is on exams.

The next day, students thank Savi for helping them. They ask their doubts. Savi clears their doubts. They see Government officials coming to the college.

The Bhosle security calls for Savi. Yashwant asks Vice chancellor why did he suddenly call for this meeting and why is Savi here. The vice chancellor asks Yashwant to wait for a while. Yashwant agrees. The vice chancellor calls Jacob and his friends. The vice chancellor later plays the video in which Jacob and his friends admit that they framed Savi. The vice chancellor admonishes the squad detective and Bhosle Institute for punishing Savi without investigating properly. Vice chancellor announces Savi’s innocence and punishes Jacob and his friends. The vice chancellor also asks Yashwant to apologise to Savi.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Savi’s tea stall is shown to be on fire. Ishaan takes out Savi’s belongings from the fire and says to Savi that he can’t allow her memories to be burnt. Reeva sees Ishaan’s hands are burnt. Reeva says that he burnt the hands on which she is about to put the ring. Savi asks Ishaan why did he do this as she means nothing to him.

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