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The episode starts with Sai taking Vinayak to her cabin. She tells him what she does and how she checks her patients. She asks him to check on her and sleeps on the bed. Satya comes there. Sai gets up suddenly after seeing him and slips. Satya holds her. Sai angrily warns him to leave her. He drops her on the floor. Sai gets angry. Sai and Satya’s nokhjokh continues. The nurse comes and tells Sai that patients are waiting. Sai asks her to send them inside. Satya says first she needs a checkup. Sai asks Nurse if any other Doctor is available. Satya says there is no one except him. Vinu asks if he is Dr. Headache. Sai covers saying no. Vinu asks Satya to check on Sai. Satya checks Sai’s feet with help of Sai. The nurse records it. Satya sets Sai’s feet by twisting it. First Sai scolds him for the way he treats her. She gets up from bed and walks without pain. Sai smiles. Satya says im good Doctor and you don’t need to doubt. Vinu praises Dr. Satya and calls him a super cool Doctor. Satya says your aunty Sai is Dr. Chikdu. Sai frowns.

Later Sai asks Nurse to come early the next day. She asks her to sterilize instruments in the labour room. Satya comes there. He asks Vinu to take care of his patient and himself. Sai stares at him. He asks Nurse skeletal if she wants a lift. Sheetal says yes. Another nurse reminds her that she needs to come early the next day. Sheetal says she will and leaves.

Vinu receives Pakhi’s video call. Vinu attends it. Pakhi asks him how he prepared for his presentation. He happily says he learned a lot at Sai’s hospital and will give the best presentation. He shows her Sai. Pakhi doesn’t like it. She tries to say something. Vinu says they need to go somewhere and cuts the call.

Virat decorates the room. Pakhi calls him. Virat attends the call and says he is waiting for her call. Pakhi asks if he forgets what she said. She says I asked you to oust Sai from the house but you send Vinu with Sai to the hospital without informing him. Virat says he sent Vinu to feel the real life experience. Pakhi says she knows his real intention. Virat asks her to leave it and asks her to come soon to see his surprise for her. Pakhi says it’s a waste to talk to him and cuts the call.

At the outside tent, Vinu and Virat arrange pizza. Vinu asks Savi how she enjoyed at Virat’s office. Savi says it’s a boring day without action. Virat says it’s the life of the police. He asks how Vinu enjoyed it. Vinu says he enjoyed a lot because of Dr. Satya. He shows her how Satya treated Sai. Virat says he met him and had an argument. Vinu says he is good and super cool. Sai says he is a fool. Vinayak says he called you Chikdu that’s why you’re calling him a fool. Virat feels jealous. Sai says she is happy as Vinu enjoyed his day at the hospital. They celebrate by eating pizza.

Pakhi returns home and feels happy seeing the decorated room. Pakhi searches for Virat. She sees Sai room is empty and thinks Virat may listen to her and sends Sai but where is Virat and Vinayak?

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat requests Pakhi not to snatch his happiness from him and let things go as they are. Pakhi asks if he will not ask Sai to go from their house. Virat says no. Pakhi says she will not ask him to ask Sai to go from their house. Virat happily hugs and thanks her.

Satya meets Sai in the Gudipadva shopping. He introduces Sai to his mother. Satya’s mother asks Sai if she is not married as there are no marital signs. Satya diverts her. Later Virat rescues Sai but Satya’s mother misunderstands him and warns him.

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