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Episode starts with Samrat questioning pakhi for justifying Virat. He says that Virat have betrayed Sai, while Pakhi tells that he have chosen his love in between Shruti and Sai. Meanwhile, Bhavani faces Sai and scolds her for breaking relationship with Virat. She says that because of them, whole family is facing humiliation. Ashwini stops her stating that Sai have come to meet them. She gets elated seeing Sai and also becomes emotional. She apologises for what Virat have done to her stating that he is blind and couldn’t able to see that he is incomplete without her.

Here, Sai tells that she came there to meet Virat and he must be coming there at anytime. Ninad apprises her that they have thrown Virat out of their house and won’t let him in till he is alive. Sai requests him to let Virat come in as she have to clearify something about their relationship.

Pakhi mocks Sai, while Samrat scolds her and ask to behave herself. Meanwhile, Sai declares that she decided to divorce Virat. Everyone gets shocked, whereas she justifies her decision stating that it’s pointless to be in a forced relationship and she wants to free Virat from it.

Elsewhere, Chavans becomes dumbstruck by her decision and Omkar questions her that why she wants to do it, when they already stays away from one another? Ashwini also points it out stating that there isn’t any need of divorce, but Sai replies that it is necessary. Samrat also tells Sai that divorce will change everything for them, while she determines to do it.

Sai goes out and brings her lawyer’s assistant along with her. Bhavani denies to let her inside, stating that Sai can’t do anything without asking her permission. Whereas, Sai tells that she isn’t going to back off. She ask the assistant to sit for a while, while Bhavani gets furious at Sai for trying to damage their reputation.

Ahead, Sai tells that sooner or later everyone will learn about her divorce and ask Bhavani not to worry. Pakhi ask if Sai also wants to start her relationship with someone else? To which Samrat again gets furious at her, while she replies back to him stating that she is a part of that family and have full right to question Sai. Meanwhile, Sai replies that she just want to focus on her career.

Ninad agrees to support Sai stating that he considers her as his own daughter. Ashwini starts crying, while Ninad controls her. Bhavani gets angry at Sai and declares that she won’t let her destroy their image. She also blames Ashwini for ruining Sai and Virat’s relationship with her stupid experiments.

Further, Ninad takes a stand for his wife against Bhavani. Meanwhile, Sai tells Bhavani that she can’t change what has already happened. She requests everyone not to say anything to Virat, till he signed the divorce papers. Shivani comes forward in support of Sai and encourages her. Whereas, Vira comes there and Samrat opens the door to let him inside. Sai and Virat sees each other and remembers their moments.

Precap:- Virat gets inside Chavan Niwas and confronts Sai asking that why she called him? She gives him divorce papers with a pen and ask to sign it with mutual consent. He gets shocked learning about divorce and looks at her, while everyone keeps staring at them.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st January 2022 Written Update: Pakhi takes a stand for Virat