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The episode starts with the story taking a 7 year leap, Savi is shown to be teaching as a teacher to students using Sand art. Savi tells the story of Lord Ganesh to the kids using sand art. Parents feel happy seeing Savi’s storytelling. Students clap for Savi. Parents meet Savi and praise her teaching. The principal says Savi is favourite to students and their school staff. One of the parents asks Savi’s name. Savi tells her that her name is Savi Bhosle. The principal asks Savi to clear the doubts of newly admitted kids parents.

In the restaurant, Shantanu calls Isha’s name, but she doesn’t respond to him. He calls her Savi’s mother. She responds to him. She asks why he is shouting. Shantanu says she didn’t respond so he shouts her name. Isha complains to Shantanu that matchmaker Shefali didn’t come till now. Isha hears loud music and feels scared. Shantanu asks the DJ to lower the music. Shantanu comforts Isha. Isha tells him how much she was scared with loud music after Ishaan’s death. She controls herself. She calls Shefali and asks her where she is. Shefali tells her that she forgot about their meeting. She tells Ishaan about the banker Neeraj match she chose for Savi. She sent the profile to Isha. Isha likes the profile. She picks a cookie and reads the prediction. She tells Shantanu that all her wishes come true according to it. She tells Shantanu that she wants to see Savi’s marriage.

One of the parents asks Savi about her kids. Savi feels emotional and tells them that she doesn’t have any kids. Isha calls Savi and asks her to come home soon. Isha comes to their apartment. She hears the loud music coming from the common area. She goes there and turns off the music. She asks Mrs Takkar and other ladies to do their cardio workout in another place not in the common area. Savi comes there. Isha and Bhagyashree argue with each other. Savi tells them a solution and takes Isha home.

Isha, Shantanu, and Savi come home. Shantanu tries to drink cold water but Savi stops him and orders him to drink normal water. Shantanu agrees. Savi sees Isha purchased a bright colour saree and tells her that it will look good on her. She asks Isha why she called home soon. Isha tells Savi that fortune cookie told her that all her wishes come true. She tells Savi about the match she fixed for her. Savi asks if she told the groom’s family that she is a widow. Isha assures her that she told everything to them. She asks Savi to get ready in a bright saree which she selected for her.

Later, Savi gets ready for her wedding looks. She tells Ishaan’s photo how much she is missing him. She asks Ishaan why he took that kind of promise from his parents. She tells Ishaan that Isha wants to do her marriage but how to tell her that she will not marry anyone forgetting him. Shantanu comes there and tells Savi how much they want to see her marriage.

Later, Savi, Shantanu and Isha come to the restaurant to meet the groom family. Isha is angry seeing Bhagyashree is also in the same restaurant. Shantanu tells Isha that Shefali came. Shefali goes to talk to Bhagyashree. Shantanu asks Isha if Shefali suggested Bhagyashree’s son’s match to them. Isha says she will never agree if it happens.

Episode ends.

Precap – After 7 years, Savi tells Saisha that her father has done pHD in coming late. Saisha’s Father comes to pick up Saisha. Savi says doesn’t he think picking up his child from the school should be his first priority. Saisha’s Father rebukes Savi and asks her not try to act as a mother. The voiceover asks if the hearts will unite again.

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