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The episode starts with Reeva reminding Savi that she has already broken her relationship with Ishaan so why is she always making Ishaan run around her. Ishaan asks Savi why is she in Ishaan’s life. Reeva begs Savi with folding hands asking Savi to leave out of Ishaan’s life. Yashwant reprimands Ishaan’s behaviour.

Savi after hearing about Reeva’s words breaks down on the spot. Shukla and Sandhya come to Savi and say to Savi that the fire has stopped but it has destroyed everything. Savi cries to herself thinking about it.

The students feel sorry for Savi as Savi has lost everything. Nishikanth comes to the students and asks them to stop destroying their future for a shop that isn’t there anymore. Nishikanth asks the students to rethink their decision about taking the exam.

Reeva says to Ishaan that they should leave. Ishaan says to Reeva that he will talk to Savi. Reeva says he will not talk to Savi and makes up a reason for it. Reeva takes Ishaan away from there.

Reeva in the car asks Ishaan what is he thinking about. Ishaan says he is thinking about Savi as a really bad thing happened with Savi. Reeva asks Ishaan why is he feeling sad as he wants Savi to close the tea stall. Ishaan says he wants to close the tea stall but he never wanted Savi’s hard work to be burnt down like this and comments on it.

Savi looks at her parents photo and says no matter how much she tries to move forward in her life, fate forces her into situation where she feels helpless. Savi says to Harini that everything is destroyed and now they have nothing.

Yashwant and Nishikanth returns home. Nishikanth asks Yashwant what is he thinking about. Yashwant says he really feared for Ishaan’s life when he ran into the fire. Yashwant says if something happened with Ishaan then he could have never forgiven himself. Nishikanth asks Yashwant not to worry anymore as Ishaan is now safe and the students will also not take the test anymore. Yashwant says good.

Ishaan thinks about taking back his challenge. Reeva says to Ishaan if he does that Savi will think he is mocking her and pitying her and Savi wouldn’t allow that.

Ishaan thinks about Savi as from when he met her she always faces challenges one after another. Ishaan prays to God for Savi’s well being.

Harini puts Savi to sleep. Harini puts Savi’s parents photo to the wall. Harini apologises to Virat as she is never able to take care of Savi properly. Harini says their situation is in darkness but there is a ray of hope in all of this and that is Ishaan. Harini says Ishaan is the one who came to Savi’s rescue and comments on it.

The next day, Harini wakes up and asks Savi why is she making this much tea. Savi says she is making tea for the students as there is exam today. Harini asks Savi if she thinks the students will still give the exam after what happened yesterday and asks Savi why would they fight for. Savi says this fight is about right and wrong and the students self respect. Savi says the students will take the exam and asks Harini not to worry.

Savi waits for students at the gate. The students come to Savi after a while. Savi asks the students to get ready as they have to take the exam in a few minutes. The students says to Savi that they have decided not to take the exam as their fight was about the shop and now there is no shop. The students also say it is a risk to take the exam as they will lose 20 marks if any of them don’t get above 75 percent. Yashwant says to the students that they took the right decision. Nishikanth invites the parents into the college to show that they are the best. The Bhosle’s and parents leave from there.

The students asks Savi not to be upset with them. Savi says they took the right decision as they are easily getting 20 marks. Savi asks the students to write an apology letter in the college to prove that their parents and Ishaan were right about them. Savi says they have no self respect and they can live without self respect. The students stop Savi and say to Savi that they will take up the test and prove that their parents and teachers were wrong about them. Chinmay comes and praises Savi. The students after drinking Savi’s tea goes to take the exam.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Savi plays music and dances to reenergise the students. The parents think due to Savi the students are looking great. After the exam, one of the students falls unconscious.

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