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The episode starts with Chinmay showing the gift to Yashwant. Yashwant stops Chinmay from opening the gift and says there is no need for it. The reporters ask Chinmay what gift did he give Yashwant. Chinmay asks Yashwant if he should show it to the reporters. Yashwant says this is their family matter. Yashwant says to the reporters that Chinmay will not be able to give interview to them. Yashwant asks Nishikanth to send the reporters away.

Yashwant brings Chinmay into the house. Surekha tries to feed Prashad to Chinmay but Yashwant says there is no need for it. Surekha asks Shikha to feed the Prashad to Chinmay. Shikha tries to do it but Chinmay just comments on it and doesn’t eat the Prashad.

Yashwant and Chinmay go into the room. Yashwant asks Chinmay how dare he blackmail him. Yashwant takes out his belt and hits him. The family members ask Yashwant to open the door.

Chinmay stops Yashwant and says once the truth in this box comes out then his reputation will go down the drain. Chinmay says he wants money in his bank account to buy the land that he wants in Dehradun. Chinmay says to Yashwant that he only has 24 hrs. Chinmay opens the door and comes out. Surekha asks Yashwant who will hit his own son like that. Chinmay says if he doesn’t transfer the money then he will leave this house tomorrow after destroying his reputation.

Savi thinks she has to find out what is in the box. Savi follows Chinmay. Savi loses track of Chinmay. Savi gets down from the auto to look for him.

Savi spots Sachivi offering samples to promote her business. The people feel hassled with Sachivi and they compliant to the cops.

The cops comes and asks Sachivi for a bribe but she doesn’t give it so he decides to take her to the police station. Savi threatens the cop saying she knows ACP Bajirao. Savi later talks with Sachivi. Savi gets an idea that Chinmay might be in hotel Classic so she goes there.

Savi goes to Chinmay’s hotel and learns his room number. Savi lies to helper that she forgot key in the room. She makes helper open the Chinmay’s hotel room. She finds the box in Chinmay’s room. She opens it and understands Chinmay’s secret.

Shika meets Yashwant and Surekha. She gives all her jewelry to Yashwant and asks him to stop Chinmay from leaving the house. Yashwant says it’s her sreedan and asks her to not try to stop Chinmay. Shikha says it’s a matter of her husband and they need to answer her questions.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan reveals to Savi that he is responsible for the death of her family. Savi says to Ishaan that she hates him and leaves from there.

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