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The episode starts with Ninad asking Mohit to check in Virat’s room. Mohit agrees. He checks Virat’s room and says he is not in his room. Vinu asks if Virat left him like his mother. Ashwini asks him to not talk in that way and says he may go for the important work.

Satya’s family reaches the City hospital. They get worried seeing Satya’s unconscious state. Sai asks the Doctor about Satya’s state. The Doctor says Satya is in critical condition and he can’t say anything until they have an MRI scan. They take Satya for an MRI scan. Amba asks where Virat is as he is with Satya. Sai goes to reception and asks the person who called her. The nurse says he heard a sound from the accident spot.

Sai asks him to take her there and asks if anyone is with him. The nurse says no. He takes Sai to the backyard of the hospital and shows her Satya’s car. Sai sees Satya’s car state and notices Virat’s phone is ringing there and Virat is not there. Sai attends Ashwini’s call and tells her about Satya’s accident. Ashwini says she prays for Satya’s recovery and says she is worried for Virat. Sai says everything will be fine and we can find Virat soon. Amba comes there and calls Sai inside saying Doctor is calling her.

The doctor informs Satya’s family that Satya got skull and hand fractures as if someone attacked him. He goes to treat Satya. Ninad and Mohit walk in. Ninad asks how is Satya. Amba says he should call his son and question why he attacked Satya. Ninad asks why will Virat attack Satya. Sai also says Virat can’t do it.

Amba says Virat is jealous of seeing Sai with Satya so I feel he was the one who tried to kill my son so she will file a police complaint against Virat. Sai requests Amba to wait until Satya gains consciousness to know what happened. Amba agrees. Sai asks Ninad and Mohit to search for Virat and she asks them to take Savi home with them from the waiting room. Ninad agrees.

Bhavani and Ashwini call everyone to know about Virat’s whereabouts. Savi and Vinu cry for Virat. Karishma consoles them. Mohit and Omkar return home and inform their family members that Virat is not there anywhere. The Doctor asks Sai to let one person stay with the patient and make the remaining save. Sai asks Satya’s family members to leave saying she stays with Satya. Amba denies. Sai says I will go and get clothes for Satya from home then you guys have to leave.

Sai returns home and sees Virat there. He is in an intoxicated state says he needs to talk to her. Sai makes Virat sleep on the sofa and cleans his face. She recalls her past moments with him. Amba returns home and addresses Sai. Sai turns. Amba asks Sai what Virat is doing here and asks if she forgot about Satya. She asks Sai to oust Virat. Sai says Virat is in an unconscious state outside our house, that’s why I brought him inside. Police come there and say they are here to arrest Virat. Sai sees Amba.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai asks Satya to remember what happened. Satya says he doesn’t remember anything. On the other side, Virat also says he doesn’t remember anything. Bhavani asks Sai why she and Amba are taking revenge on them. Sai says she will get to know what happened and will prove Virat’s innocence.

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