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The episode starts with Bhawar Patil asking Harini about Savi. Harini tells him that Savi went to temple to perform Puja on her parents death anniversary.

Reeva on call assures Surekha that they are coming home. Surekha asks if Savi is with them. Reeva tells her that she is not with them and cuts the call. Ishaan asks Reeva what’s Surekha asking her. Reeva says it’s about Savi. She tells Ishaan that Savi is behind him intentionally. She calls Savi cheap. Ishaan asks Reeva to stop talking bad about Savi. They argue and are about to get into an accident but escape at the last moment. They see the traffic is jammed. Ishaan asks Passerby about the traffic jam. Passerby tells Ishaan that the road is blocked due to an oil tanker.

Harini calls Savi and learns from Savi that she was stuck in Dhaba due to a traffic jam. Harini informs it to Bhawar. Bhawar leaves from there. Reeva and Ishaan come to the same Dhaba where Savi is present. Reeva sees Savi and comments on Savi. Ishaan says it’s just a coincidence that they came to the same dhaba. Reeva doesn’t agree. Reeva sees everyone dancing happily. Reeva dances for Ishaan.

Ishaan’s inner self asks Ishaan to confess his love to Savi. Ishaan goes in front of Savi and proposes to her that he wants to marry her. Savi hugs him happily. Reeva tells I love you to Ishaan. Ishaan opens his eyes and sees Reeva. Reeva asks when he became this much romantic as he proposed his love to her in front of everyone. Ishaan understood that he proposed to Reeva imagining Savi in her. Savi cries seeing him. Ishaan leaves from there.

Reeva asks Ishaan why he is leaving. He tells her that traffic is cleared. They leave from there. Bhawar Patil comes to Savi. Later Ishaan and Reeva come home. Swathi and Surekha ask Reeva the reason behind her happiness. Reeva tells everyone how Ishaan proposed to her in the dhaba. Durva teases Ishaan.

On the way, Bhawar asks Savi why she stayed alone in the dhaba. She doesn’t answer him. He drops Savi at home. Savi goes inside without thanking him. Harini apologises to Bhawar for Savi’s behaviour. Bhawar tells her that he is worried for Savi and leaves from there.

Ishaan scolds himself for proposing to Reeva in front of Savi. He is worried for Savi and calls Harini to know if Savi reached home or not. Ishaan calls Harini and Shukla but they don’t answer his calls. He decides to go to Savi’s place to check on Savi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Savi asks God to give her strength to achieve her dream. Reeva sees Ishaan is removing the engagement ring. She confronts him.

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