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The episode starts with Savi asking Ishaan to sleep and says she will sing a lullaby for him. Pratik comes and finds all the Bhosle family intoxicated. Pratik thinks about what is going on. Pratik asks Reeva what happened here. Reeva asks Pratik if he saw Sindhur. Pratik asks Reeva what is going on. Reeva doesn’t answer Pratik. Pratik calls Jeetu and asks Jeetu what is going on. Jeetu says he doesn’t know as by the time he came back everyone is intoxicated so he made lemon juice for everyone. Pratik makes Reeva drink lemon juice.

Mukul says to Anvi that tomorrow he is leaving and says he will come next time in the holidays and leaves from there. Anvi sees glass shards on the ground and she takes a glass shard.

Reeva becomes sober. Pratik asks Reeva how much Bhaang did they drink as everyone is intoxicated. Reeva looks at all the people looking intoxicated and worries about Ishaan.

Reeva sees Savi and Ishaan sleeping using each other as support. Reeva sees that Savi is intoxicated. Reeva makes Savi drink lemon juice. Savi becomes sober. Reeva says someone might have mixed some intoxicating drug as everyone is intoxicated. Savi hearing this thinks Mukul might have mixed something in the buttermilk. Savi goes looking for Anvi and asks Reeva to take care of Ishaan.

Ishaan while sleeping on Reeva and he thinks he is talking to Savi in his sleep. Ishaan says a big crime happened in Ramtek due to him. Ishaan apologises to Savi. Reeva thinks what happened in Ramtek and what does Ishaan want to say to Savi.

Savi stops Anvi when she is about slit her wrist with a glass shard. Savi questions Anvi about the reason for her trying to commit suicide. Anvi says to Savi that she told everyone that Mukul was molesting her but everyone was only laughing at her. Anvi says everyone was intoxicated so much that they don’t care what she is saying to them. Anvi says she understood that she can’t do anything to Mukul and she asks Savi not to ask her to do anything from now on.

Everyone drinks Lemon juice and becomes sober. Yashwant and others think someone might have mixed something intoxicating in the buttermilk. Swanand, Swati and Reeva leave to their home. Pratik also leaves to his home.

Savi comes to Mukul. Savi says to Mukul that she knows his true face and she will expose it infront of everyone. Mukul acts as if he is scared and mocks her. Mukul leaves from there.

The next day, Nishikanth prepares for the wedding of Yashwant and Surekha. Nishikanth thinks Asmita and Anvi got sick at the same time. Savi gets surprised hearing this.

Shikha asks Savi about the gift that she asked her to prepare. Savi says it’s ready. Shikha thanks Savi. A servant delivers the bouquet sent by Chinmay for Surekha and Yashwant. Shika tries to read Chinmay’s letter but Yashwant stops Shikha and scolds her for trying to read a letter that was not on her name. Yashwant takes the bouquet and letter and leaves from there.

Yashwant brings the bouquet and letter to Surekha and leaves from there. Surekha reads the letter written by Chinmay. Yashwant tears the letter and throws it away along with the bouquet.

Asmita asks Anvi to get ready. Anvi says she doesn’t want to participate in this function. Asmita says everyone will question her and pleads Anvi to get ready. Savi comes to Asmita and Anvi. Savi comments on Asmita as she knows the truth that Anvi is going through but instead of encouraging her to speak out she is asking Anvi to be silent. Asmita says the Bhosle family is indebted to Mukul and says no one will believe them. Savi says to Asmita about Anvi trying to commit suicide yesterday. Ashmita asks Anvi if it is true. Anvi leaves from there.

Savi stops Anvi and Asmita. Savi says she will tell everyone if they don’t tell her. Savi says they need to expose true face of Mukul infront of everyone. Surekha overhears their conversation and questions Savi about it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Surekha makes an announcement that if Savi stays in this house then she will leave this house along with her brother Mukul and Apsara. Yashwant says Savi will leave this house before the function starts. Ishaan asks Savi to leave from here.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th March 2024 Written Update: Mukul puts fear in Anvi’s heart again