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The episode starts with Mukul getting fed up with the Bhosle family pointing fingers at him. Mukul asks Yashwant to remind them what is Mukul
Deshmukh. Mukul says to Yashwant that if he doesn’t do that then he will take back his funding of the medical wing. Yashwant scolds Mukul and reminds Mukul that this house is his sister’s house and asks Mukul how can he molest this house woman. Surekha stops Yashwant. Mukul thinks Surekha believes him and praises Surekha not falling to Savi’s trap.

Surekha asks Mukul to stop it. Surekha says she is ashamed to call him brother. Surekha slaps Mukul left and right. Surekha later breaks off her ties with Mukul saying Mukul is dead to her from this day onwards.

Surekha apologises to Anvi. Anvi cries to herself. Apsara and Ashmita also apologise to Anvi saying they are her culprits.

Ishaan says to Savi that she did her job well and now it is his duty. Ishaan makes a video of Mukul Deshmukh saying in the video that he molested his sister. Ishaan says if Mukul doesn’t resign from the NGO’s he is working in then he will release this video in the Internet. Apsara makes an oath saying if Mukul does something like this again then she will be handed over to cops.

The Bhosle family comfort Anvi. Savi seeing this is about to leave the Bhosle family but Ishaan halts Savi and asks Savi where is she going. Savi says she is leaving the house and says a lot of people are troubled with her being here. Surekha says to Savi that not all the family members are against her. Surekha says to Savi that only she is the one who saw Anvi’s pain and helped Anvi while all of them are blind to it. Surekha says to Savi that she is grateful to her. Anvi also comes to Savi and pleads Savi not to leave the house after she helped her so much. Ishaan says Savi isn’t going anywhere. Anvi hearing this takes Savi away from there.

Reeva talks to Ishaan about Savi and the great thing she has done. Ishaan decides to thank Savi in some way but he doesn’t know how so he asks Reeva to do it. Reeva agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Savi realises she has fallen in love with Ishaan. In the class room, Savi writes I love you besides Ishaan’s photo. Savi sees her classmates around her so she closes the book and leaves from there.

Savi runs into Ishaan. Savi drops the book. Ishaan picks up the book. Savi takes Ishaan’s photo. Ishaan reads I Love you in Savi’s book. Savi says she loves chocolates and leaves from there.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st April 2024 Written Update: Apsara’s aid to Savi ends up in Mukul getting exposed