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Episode starts with Virat apologising to Pakhi for his behavior, while she cries and expresses her concern. She questions him that if she and Sai will get stuck on the same boat, then whom will he save? He looks at her and tries to avoid the question but she stays adamant. He tells that he will save both of them because of humanity. She insists him to tell the truth and proclaims that he can only save one of them. He goes near Pakhi and looks directly into her eyes. He proclaims that he will save her because she is his wife. He states that he doesn’t have any relationship left with Sai and ask Pakhi not to worry about it.

Here, Virat calms himself and tells Pakhi that he can understand her state. He apologizes to her for not understanding her state and blames himself for the problem. He assures Pakhi that from now on he won’t let Sai interfere in their life and make her understand that he doesn’t have any value left for Sai in his life. He also tells that he only cares about Savi.

Virat shows her love towards Savi and ask Pakhi to understand him. Virat also gives a promise to Pakhi and states that he won’t let anything to come in between their happy married life. He also count all the sacrifices done by Pakhi and appreciates her. He states that he will never be able to do anything without Pakhi’s support, while the latter gets elated hearing his words.

Elsewhere, Pakhi smiles hearing Virat’s statement that they will go to the picnic as a family. But, at that time Vinayak comes there and cries stating that Savi won’t come to the picnic. Virat gets shocked and tries to console Vinayak. He says that he will surely do something to bring Savi to the picnic.

Pakhi gets shocked hearing Virat’s oath while Sai apologises to Savi for not permitting her to go to the picnic. At that time she gets a call from Virat. He lashes out at her for breaking the kid’s heart. He ask her to send Savi along with him but Sai denies and stays firm on her decision. She also reveals that she has always been taking Savi’s decision and won’t let it change.

Ahead, Sai tells Virat that he can meet and be with Savi but can’t force her to buy something which is not good for their daughter. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets sad thinking that Virat won’t go to the picnic but the latter says that they will go there as a family. Pakhi ask Virat not to make false promises but he assures her.

Virat sees Pakhi getting ready for the picnic and geta mesmerised by her. He recalls their first meet and sits in front of her. He keeps staring the latter and then makes her wear the camera as she loves to do the photography. His behavior gets changed with her while she becomes emotional. At that time Vinayak comes there and compliments Pakhi. He also says that he won’t feel happy without Savi while Pakhi cheers him up.

Further, Chavans also praises Pakhi for her look and says that she is looking younger. Meanwhile, Sai makes handmade modak for Savi and then decorates all the house for Savi’s birthday party. Whereas, Sai beings Savi and surprises her while the latter gets elated learning about her birthday. At that time someone knocks the door. Sai opens jr and gets shocked seeing a crown. Sai gets confused and ask him about it.

Precap:- Virat comes to meet Savi and gets shocked finding about her birthday celebration. She questions him that how he forgot about her birthday and feels disappointed. Whereas, Virat gets hurt and confronts Sai for hiding about it from him and Vinayak. He lashes out at her and calls her heartless. He then gives a warning to Sai while the latter gets shocked. Meanwhile, he takes Savi away from there while Sai gets teary eyes.

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