Global Recycling Day: Celebrities shed light on the importance of recycling

Global Recycling Day is observed to create awareness among people about the rapid pace at which natural resources are being used. The day promotes the concept and practice of recycling.

Celebrities share their idea of conserving resources and judiciously using them, the initiatives they take to curb waste levels and boost recycling and how the nationwide lockdown owing to COVID-19 made them realize the importance of reusing things.

Adaa Khan:

Computer recycling

Computers are made from a large number of different plastics, metals and other materials that can be recycled. The computer industry is welcoming people that know how to put the various parts to good use. A lot of the parts can be reused while others sold to computing factories that know how to best handle the parts.

Shireen Mirza:

Food waste recycling

The world is currently at the point where everyone realizes the value of going green. The Earth is getting warmer and the only way to stop it is to reduce pollution. Food waste recycling is something very important. Million tons of food is thrown away in the world every year. While it’s inevitable some kinds of food will end up in the trash – peels and eggshells. Community fridge is something which is a unique idea and we can feed many poor people everyday just to donate our extra food which is always excess on a daily basis.

Farnaz Shetty:

Recycling art and craft

I love recycling rather than throwing things. I’m a lot into art and craft. So if you go on my page @farn_artist on Instagram you will see how I’ve recycled a bottle into an antique vase through moulding mediums tissue papers and paints for home decor.

Prashant Bajaj:

Important to reuse things rather than throwing

Recycling has become very important because during the lockdown I have used the same plastic many times rather than throwing it and using the new one. When we buy fruits or vegetables, we often throw away the useless bits without realizing that they can be put to better use. A countertop composter is an easy way to stash away your compostable food scraps for later use in your garden. After all, you’re paying for the whole fruit or vegetable, so why not use the inedible parts as well?

Pranitaa Pandit:

Recycling means a lot of reduction, reusing things and recycling

There is one amazing thing that we all have learnt through this pandemic that is the reduction of things that we need. We realized that we really don’t need so many things. I made it a part of my life to not buy excess. We are just cluttering our lives with a lot of things that are not required be it clothes, products, electronics and a lot of it can be reused.

I’ve made recycling a part of my life. I am a heavy coffee drinker, I used to use these pods for coffee and now I have got these new pods which can be reused and recycled. I’ve been reusable vegetable bags, not wasting water is very small yet a big step that we should take, I try to use more natural products that can be made by ingredients at home, among few other things.

Kavitta Verma:

Feel joyful in sharing things

Pandemic has been an eye opener to all of us. In ways that make us responsible and respect the simple joys of life and have gratitude. Every few months I donate clothes, makeup articles which I don’t use, it is good to give to people who need them. I believe if we share things it’s a big joy.

Subuhii Joshii:

Essential to recycle waste

Recycling is very important. It helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste, which has a negative impact on our environment. Recycling also saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves money, etc. Ultimately, it makes the earth a better place to live.

Meera Deosthale:

Recycling is need of the hour

Recycling is needed for the hour. It is necessary for both sellers and consumers to use every little thing in an environmentally sustainable manner. The aim should be to recycle as many things as possible including kinds of paper, metal, plastic, tires, textiles, batteries, and electronics, among other things.


Recycling, reusing is the way forward in leading a healthy life.

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