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The episode starts with Meenatchi informing her brother that her plan is a success. She says Suchitra is shaken by her acting. She says that first she acted like she didn’t care but then later on she gave up to her demands getting emotional. Suchitra doesn’t want the family to be broken. Her brother praises her and says that he too did a big job in the meantime.

Meenatchi asks what it is for which her brother says he kidnapped Vasu’s parents. Meenatchi gets happy hearing it and asks the reason for it. Her brother asks what is their aim. She says that they need to spoil the JK family who made their father poor and get their revenge. He says that’s why he kidnapped Vasu’s parents. He explains his plan to send his men to JK company and destroy it. He says that both Arjun and Vasu denied giving appointment which is why he kidnapped Vasu’s parents.

 Meenatchi worries whether any thing wrong will take place. Her brother says nothing like that will happen as once the JK goes bankrupt Vasu will become homeless and then he will marry her. He says he will take care of his in laws and asks her not to worry. Meenatchi agrees and cuts the call. On the other hand, Vasu is tensed about her parents and wonders why they are doing so much just for an appointment. She worries if there would be anything more to it and prays God to save JK from any conspiracy. She decides to speak with Arjun for appointment without mentioning about the kidnap.

Iniya gives orange juice to Arjun and Arjun is happy about it. Paati over praises Iniya and the juice but Arjun shuts her. Arjun praises the juice saying that its perfectly made with his taste. Vasu comes there and finds them together and wonders how to talk in front of them. Iniya says about winning a price tour for ooty and asks Arjun to accompany her. Arjun says that they just spent time in resort and says he has lots of work. Iniya compels him and Paati supports her saying they can romance well in private.

Arjun calls out for her for having no shame. He then spots Vasu by door and calls her in. Vasu comes in and says that she wants to speak about something important with him. Arjun thought that she’s again going to ask about the box and leaves without listening to her. Paati and Iniya mock Vasu saying that she’s original but her duplicate is getting everything. She says that she’s going to die soon while she will live happily with her Arjun. Vasu retorts back that God will give everything for the bad but will snatch soon while he will test the good one but will never leave them. Saying so she goes after Arjun.

Vasu is wondering about how to make Arjun agree for the appointment. She decides to get Anand’s help when Anand comes there. She decides to hide about her parents kidnap for their safety. Anand asks what’s the issue for which Vasu takes him aside to speak in pricate. She only says about crediting the money and calling them for appointment leaving the kidnapping part.

Anand assures to get the appointment but their approach doesn’t seem right to him. He wants yo inform Police but Vasu panics and asks him not to. He asks the reason for her state for which Vasu says nothing. Anand is not convinced and goes to meet her parents but finds none. Vasu lies that they’ve gone to temple. Meenatchi saw everything hiding and goes to Vasu after Anand leaves. She taunts her while Vasu taunts back. Meenatchi mocks her for hiding the entire truth. Vasu looks shocked.