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The episode starts with Vasu entering Arjun’s room and Arjun locks the door

He will present the box to Vasu saying that it was 9th wish and he felt guilty for not fulfilling it. He asks her to open. Iniya and Paati watches them hiding and are equally to see the contents in the box. However Vasu doesn’t open the box saying that he may be i the mood to say the story but she’s not in the mood to hear it. Saying so she gives the box and leaves. Arjun understands that something big is bothering Vasu and decides to find what it is soon. Iniya and Paati fume at Vasu for letting go off a big chance.

Vasu is in her office when Jaipal comes with his partner. Vasu asks them when they will release her parents as she has already got the appointment for them. They ask her to support them in front of Arjun so that their motive gets success. Vasundhara denies doing so but they threaten her once again using her parents. Everyone goes in and Arjun meets with them. They praise Arjun and his company while Arjun gives all the credits to his father. He asks the reason for the meet. They say that they need 20% of their brand name for their company in order to sell their products. Arjun gets shocked with the demand and outright denies their request. They tried various ways to make him accept but Arjun doesn’t budge. Vasu got angry and asks them to leave. They leave having no option.

Outside Vasu meets with them regarding her parents. They scold her for not speaking in their favour and insulting them. They say that she needs to get Arjun’s signature in the deal documents so that her parents gets released. Vasu refuses outright but once again they threaten her and leave. Vadu stands helpless. Arjun and Anand are fuming when Arjun says Anand that the guy seemed familiar. He asks to take ss image of his picture from CCTV footage and Anand leaves to get it. At home, Arjun says Suchitra about the weird offer and shows the clients photo to her.