Vahbiz Dorajee’s brother marriage happened in Pune, one face everyone missed. The face of husband Vivian Dsena. We understand the commitment of work, we understand the stress of work but what we don’t understand is how come he missed his own brother-in-law’s marriage? It happened in the past too when he went missing from birthday party of wife Vahbiz. Looks like the speculations which were growing around their split has started appearing in real.

An actor who is common friend and attended the wedding shared Just ShowBiz on grounds of anonymity, “They are very much separated and they won’t reunite. They just need to make it public else rumours will go on and on and both seem to be busy with their individual lives. The way the couple is appearing publicly, it doesn’t seem hard to believe. Both are as different as chalk and cheese. Some relationships are meant to go kaput this seems to be one. Even the friends of the couple are taking sides and all know as per the buzz divorce is on the cards.”

We still hope this is just a rumour and everything starts working again between this couple.

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