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Episode starts with Lasya mocks Tulsi saying she is provoking Nandu. Anasuya says Nandu knows these tricks of Tulsi and he won’t get back to Tulsi leaving you. Nandu father leaves from that place saying they didn’t know how to increase the happiness but know how to hurt. Others too leave from that place leaving Tulsi and Lasya. Lasya says you cant emotionally blackmail Nandu because I have family support so stop your plans if you’re thinking to separate me from Nandu because it won’t get fulfilled. Tulsi says truth will come out with time and family members will know your real face very soon.

Warden asks Shruthi for 2nd month advance. Shruthi asks for some more time until she gets the job. Warden says I’m seeing how you’re struggling to get job and I have one idea to clear your problems. Shruthi asks what’s that solution. Warden says you to understand seeing other girls from this hostel hope you’re not that innocent and that time Sirisha tells to warden that she payed this month amount. Warden gives iPhone to Sirisha as her gift and asks Shruthi to utilize opportunity. Sirisha leaves. Shruthi says she can’t sell herself and warns warden that she will complain to police regarding illegal activities at hostel if they force her. Warden says it’s your wish and I’m not forcing you. Shruthi says I bought up with values and I may die but never follow wrong ways.

Tulsi goes to Sirisha and asks why she is moving in wrong way. Sirisha says it’s not wrong if everyone is doing it. Shruthi says it’s wrong. Sirisha leaves saying it’s her way to earn money and asks her to take it easily.

Anasuya goes to Lasya and asks what’s she thinking. Lasya says I trusted you and came to this house but here I feel Nandu is going far from me and Tulsi is showing her dominance so I’m scared thinking I can’t get married to Nandu. Anasuya says don’t get scared, I will .Ake you get married to Nandu. Lasya says Tulsi is trying to separate me from Nandu. Anasuya asks why she is feeling in that way. Lasya says Nandu giving me suggestion to stay in other place far from him i.e indirectly he is asking me to leave this house. Anasuya gets angry and says she will confront Nandu but Lasya stops her and tells about her plan to make Nandu agree for marriage. Anasuya feels happy and asks Lasya to implement her plan.

Lucky worriedly tells to Tulsi that his Mom is not opening the door. Nandu and Tulsi knocks the door and whole family assembles near door. Anasuya asks him to break the door. Nandu breaks the door and everyone gets worried seeing unconscious Lasya. Abhi sees pills on bed and says seems like Lasya aunty taken sleeping pills. Nandu asks them to call doctor. Tulsi says we don’t have that much time and asks Ankita to get salt water and makes Lasya drinks that water. Lasya vomits in tub and gets conscious and calls Nandu.

Nandu holds her and asks why she tried to commit suicide. Lasya says it’s good if I’m dead than you can live your life. Nandu cries saying how can she say like that. Lasya says I lost the hope that you marry me and you’re going far from me that’s why I decided to kill myself because you’re going near to Tulsi and she is changing everyone hearts and now also she helped to win everyone hearts. Divya says did you saw Mom, how Lasya is blaming you? That’s why we cannot help these kind of people.

Anasuya stops Divya and blames Nandu for trusting Tulsi forgetting about Lasya. Abhi asks why you created fake hopes in Lasya aunty heart? It’s not good to make her feel sad. Nandu says I never wanted to keep Lasya away from me, I’m promising you everyone that I will marry Lasya and he promises to Lasya. Tulsi looks shocked and leaves from Lasya room.

Precap – Nandu tells to his father that he is not ready for marriage. Tulsi asks if he is denying marriage or Lasya?