Guddan will be back as a strict Mother-In Law.

Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega will witness high voltage drama because this time Guddan will show her new shade after coming back to the house.

So far in the story it is seen, Durga blames Guddan for burning her alive. AJ asks Durga to prove that Guddan has done all this. Guddan said she hasn’t done anything but everyone started blaming her. AJ gets angry and leave the place. AJ says to Guddan that he is always with her and they will fight together. Guddan says to AJ that he made her strong to fight and stand for right and thanks him for supporting her. Meanwhile, Police comes to the house. Inspector says to AJ that his wife tried to burn Durga. AJ fumes in anger and said who made the complaint. Kishor said he did. AJ says to inspector that Durga is fine. Durga asks Kishor to take complaint back.  Durga says to withdraw the complaint and she will leave the house. Vardhan said he too will leave the house and everyone starts fighting.

Finally Guddan decides to leave the house. She will say since she is MIL, she can’t let her DIL to leave the house simply. AJ  say s, if Guddan will go then he too will leave with her. Now in the upcoming episodes, viewers will see Guddan will come back to the house in a new shade. She will be back in the house as a strict Mother-In Law. Each will be stunned looking Guddan’s new shade.

It will be interesting to watch the reason behind Guddan’s change of heart. Keep watching Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega on Zee TV

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