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The episode starts with Choti saying Agastya also should forgive Pushpa as she did. Otherwise, nothing will be alright. Pushpa comes and Choti says please come. Pushpa says she is really guilty. Choti always helped her in every bad situation. No member of this house likes her. Pushpa says Its all because of my fault. I don’t deserve to stay in this house. Agastya will never forgive me. Pushpa says she will leave the house and she wants Choti to live happily with her child and Agastya. She thinks its the biggest punishment she can get by staying away from her son. Choti tries to make her understand.

Choti says at least stay here for the Puja. Agastya enters and he gets angry seeing Pushpa with Choti. He says I warned you that you will not come close to Choti. I know all your tricks. You can convince Choti by your emotional drama. But you can’t fool me. Choti tries to stop him and Pushpa leaves from there. Choti says how can you talk to her like that. She came here to say goodbye only. Agastya says she can’t change herself. I have tried a lot to trust her but she disappointed me every time. You think its really easy for me to treat my mother in that way!

It’s really hard for me but I have no choice. Choti says Pushpa looked after you from childhood, don’t distance yourself from her. at least give her one chance. Agastya hugs Choti and says I am scared, I can’t take the risk. He leaves. Choti says Agastya is not ready to listen to her. How will things be fine like this?

Mani gets happy seeing Shona back in the house. They celebrate happily. Shona says we troubled Choti a lot but she didn’t trouble us for once. Shona’s husband asks has Pushpa changed herself for real? Shona says police tortured Pushpa a lot that’s why she is afraid. Mani wants a promise from his mother that she will not do anything wrong from now. She won’t engage herself in such crimes. Shona promises him.

Someone gives a parcel to Arushi which is for Choti. Choti comes downstairs. But she slips and she is about to fall but Pushpa saves her. Pushpa says I will always save you. Agastya asks Choti she is alright or not? Choti says thank you to Pushpa. Pushpa says I will always be called a criminal no matter how good I become. I accept it. She gives a restaurant brochure to choti as a new year gift. Pushpa says you pursue your dream of handling all the work of your father’s restaurant. Choti stops Pushpa and hugs her. She says I trust you. I don’t care about what people say. Agastya leaves from there. It’s seen that there’s a thin fabric someone tied on stairs that’s why Choti lost her balance.

Agastya comes to Choti’s room. Choti says I am so lucky to have you as my husband. Now Pushpa also slowly changing herself. She has returned to our restaurant as well. She requests him to forgive Pushpa. She says please give her one chance. Agastya says you know my answer. Choti gets a phone call. She says I have to talk to Pushpa. Agastya asks her what has Pushpa done?

Choti gets excited after hearing the news that She received an order of making food for 500 people. She gets happy and hugs Pushpa and says she is so grateful that Pushpa is doing so much for her. She is happy that her father’s recipes will reach so many people. Pushpa says you can do it. Agastya is with you and my blessings are with you. Choti says I have to prepare for it. I have to manage a lot of things. Agastya hears everything from outside. Choti hugs Agastya as well. Agasthya thinks if Pushpa is doing all these selflessly then good. He hopes for the best.

Episode ends.