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The episode begins with Guddan and Pushpa standing together and Pushpa asks her, will it work and calls the mother of Niya? As soon as she calls the mother of Niya, she starts to do drama with her daughter. Choti directly confronts her about Niya and she starts to cry and says are you mocking my emotions for my daughter? She is dead and isn’t able to come there but Choti puts pressure on her and then she starts to behave normal and says listen I said what I wanted to say, more than this I don’t want to say anything else.

Pushpa says if because of your idiot daughter something happens to my son then money,status, and influence all three are also remains with me as well. I can expose your all deeds in front of Indore people and not even think twice before. At the same time she gets a call from her daughter asking for a car on time so that she can leave the city and also she asks for a driver and money. Choti listens to it and makes an instant plan to nab Niya.

Niya comes out of the guest house of her father and thinks before anyone can trace the location of the guest house she should leave, She gets inside the car and asks the driver to move fast and Aarav looks up and says yes the car will stop directly at the police station. Niya is shocked to see Aarav and about to get out of the car but Aarav grabs her hand and says you have played enough games and troubled enough my sister but now it’s enough and I will definitely not gonna leave you until I will be able to expose your hypocrisy.

Niya uses her hair pin to pinch in his hand and goes out of the car and Aarav also chases her too and after a while he is able to grab her and says now it’s time that you should go behind the bars instead of my sister or her husband Aarav. Niya shouts and gathers the crowd and says this particular person is trying to harass her and she is escaping from him but he is not letting her go. As usual the crowd believes Niya and grabs Aarav and Niya thinks she is able to be free from the mess and runs from there leaving Aarav among the crowd.

Niya finally meets Choti Guddan who says to her that don’t even try to escape from this place as I can go to any extent and this time you will not get saved at all. Agastya is everything for me and for him I can also kill someone and as well as die too. Hence don’t even try to test my patience while Pushpa and Sona also come here and meet Guddan Aarav and Niya. As soon as they got Niya they decided to head to police station but Aarav says I will not let anyone take away Niya to police station until Pushpa Birla is giving me my elder aunty and the mother of my sister Guddan Jindal back to us as she is the only one who knows where she is and if she is alive or not?

Pushpa reluctantly agrees and goes to Guddan but she says I will not let it happen as if senior Guddan gets released then also she will lose her son Agastya and that she can not tolerate and allow at any cost. She again makes a plan and informs Choti that her mother escaped from the den and she has no idea where she is. All ask Choti not to believe in her words and CHoti decided to wait for her mother to call her while Agastya is getting worried as Guddan doesn’t show up at the police station with his lawyer.