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Episode starts with Agastya arrives home from hospital to fresh up, Pushpa asks how is Guddan now? Agastya says she came out of Guddan and but doctors said she needs time to recover Fully. Agastya tries to open parcel  which is placed in hall, Pushpa stops him from opening the packet and sends him for fresh up.

 Pushpa and Gang hurried moves to room and open the packet to check what’s in it! They all gets shocked by seeing hockey stick in the packet. Pushpa and Gang comes to conclusion Choti Guddan is only behind all this and starts planning how to kill Choti Guddan inorder to protect them from Agastya and Police. Pushpa and Gang enters into Choti Guddan room and says you are playing games with us right now we will show who we are!

Pushpa asks Sona to keep eye is anyone coming from outside? Till then I will see end of this Choti Guddan and tries to kill her by stopping her breath at the same time electricity goes off, they tries to finish there work some how but gets fear by seeing Guddan standing in front of them fit and fine.


Agastya comes to hospital and sees Pushpa in terrible state and asks why you are so tensed? Pushpa says Guddan, he rushes into room to check Choti Guddan and feels relaxed when he finds Choti Guddan perfectly fine and thanks lord Krishna for protecting Choti Guddan. Pushpa fears by what’s happening and how Choti Guddan can act this perfectly when Agastya came to check her. Pushpa says Agastya I will leave from here, I can’t able to see Choti Guddan in this condition and will pray for her in house temple to make Choti Guddan perfectly fine as soon as possible and moves out from hospital.

Agastya places Choti Guddan parents portrait and says her now you will be perfectly fine now your parents are also there to protect you and pleads Choti Guddan to get up and talk with me but Choti Guddan not respond to his words ( sad music plays in background). Agastya feels bad and talks with Choti Guddan parents portrait and seeks there help to protect Choti Guddan please do some miracle and give me back my Choti Guddan.


Pushpa and Gang comes back from hospital and searches for Niya in the whole house but they can’t find her anywhere and gets tense for Niya! At the same time they listen some weird sounds from store room and goes to check what it may be, but get’s schoked by seeing Niya tied with ropes. Pushpa frees Niya and asks who is reason behind her this condition? Niya says who else other than Choti Guddan she only did all this to me! Pushpa gets angry by listening her word’s and says how can it even possible when she is hospital we are coming from there only.

Anyway now she can’t able to do anything from now on right Mom because you killed her right Mom? Sona says no they can’t able to finish the work and ran from there as they seen devil and come here inorder to protect themselves. Niya gets angry by listening Sona word’s and Says Mom you can’t able to finish an idiot girl like Choti Guddan ok now I will only see her end who is becoming thrown in my life.


Sona taunts Niya for insulting Pushpa and says what ever happened with you is good! Niya looses her control by listening Sona word’s and starts fighting with Sona. Pushpa stops both of them and says it’s not time to fight among ourselves instead we have to think how we have to defeat that Choti Guddan and make her away from our life’s.


In Hospital Guddan comes to Choti Guddan and sees her Guddan feels happy by remiscience all her memories with Choti Guddan. Guddan says who said you were alone your Mom is there with you to protect you! Now see everything will be fine your mother is there to protect you my child. Episode ends on Guddan determine face.