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Episode starts with Sona aunty along with Saraswati and Niya going to confess about their crimes in front of Agastya and other family members. Pushpa listens to their conversation from a corner and she decides to stop Sona at any cost. Sona is about to speak up when Pushpa calls for Agastya and everyone runs towards her room to see what happened. Agastya is shocked to see her mother is lying on the floor unconscious. He tries to wake her up but she is not responding.

Guddan gives her water and along with Agastya, Mani also helps him to transfer Pushpa on bed. Agastya asks Mani to call for a doctor while he is continuously trying to wake her up. Agastya is sad to see her mother in such a state. Senior Guddan tries to scare Saraswati by saying that this is happening due to the soul of Guddan.

Doctor comes and says, she got some huge shock and maybe it is due to the stress she takes for her business and family matters. He asks all of them to take care of her as much as possible. Agastya comes out of the room in frustration and starts to bang the wall with his feast.

Choti comes from behind and tries to stop him but he is inconsolable. He starts to blame himself for everything wrong happening in this house and says I am not capable of being a good husband or a good son. Chhoti understands his mind set and gives him a hug. She says to him that you don’t need to blame yourself for anything as you are not responsible.

Agastya says that from my childhood I have always seen my mother being the pillar of strength in the house. She never let us feel the absence of our father. The honour and prestige that we enjoy from the entire people of Indore is because of her.

Choti thinks that Agastya is too much attached with his mum and she is dreading that day when he will come to know about her actual side. Senior Guddan understands the pretending game of Pushpa and she decides to make her awake in her own style. She sits beside Pushpa and starts tickling her feet because no one can tolerate the ticklish feeling. She also uses the hair of Sona to tickle inside her nose and as a result Pushpa wakes up from his unconscious state.

All the members get happy to see her fit and fine and Agastya along with Choti Guddan comes inside the room happily to check on their mother. Pushpa thinks not business and property but the haunted soul of late Guddan is the main reason behind her problem. She thinks that she has to do something to deal with it before it gets too late.

Later on Choti requested her mother to pick up the weakest people among the group and make them confess about their crime because as long as they are going to be together as a team, Pushpa will not let them speak a single word.

 They decided that they will make Sona their first target. Sona on the other side is still scared to be the next target for the Haunted soul and to get saved from that attack she bought some divine ashes of Lord Shiva.

Suddenly someone knocks at her door and she thinks it is the spirit of Guddan. It is Mani who is unable to see anything due to the ash and he walks away from there. He is about to fall from the staircase due to not able to see anything properly but Choti comes at the pick point of time and saves him. Sona realises how pure bha good human being Choti Guddan is.

Later she asks sorry from Choti Guddan and promises to confess about her crimes at any day anywhere according to her command. Guddan hugs her and goes out of the room with Sona while her mother gets to hear the conversation from a corner. She vows to make everything right in her daughter’s life.