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The episode starts with Ganga telling Diljit whatever he has done was correct and she has nothing to do with anyone. She just wants to go away with him. She adds that she is as eager as him. Diljit replies that he wants to go too, but after completing all the works. He asks her Choti’s whereabouts since he doesn’t want his work to remain incomplete.

Ganga is so happy and she feels like her life has become a movie and she is a top class heroine. Diljit says that he has never seen a top class heroine like her and asks again about Choti.
Just then, Ganga gets call from Motu Patlu and she attends it. Diljit overhears him ordering to put the baby on a train to Indore tomorrow morning.

Ganga cuts the call and excitedly tells Diljit that Choti is going away from her forever and she is about to defeat India’s biggest superstar. Akshat thinks that he has to tell everything to Guddan as soon as possible and save Choti.

Later, Akshat goes to Guddan who is all set to welcome Choti home. She shows her dresses to Akshat excitedly. He stops her and puts a hand on her cheek understanding that she is devastated. She asks him to promise to bring Choti back soon. Akshat promises that. They hug. Guddan says that none can stop them from reaching their baby.

Just then, Saraswati sees Akshat, who is still in Diljit’s get up, hugging Guddan and wants to tell the same to Ganga. The latter comes there and glares at Guddan and Diljit. He sees her and acts like Guddan hugged him. He warns her not to come closer to him and says that there are other ways to convince him. Ganga enters in the room and bashes Guddan a lot threatening not to spare her. Diljit says that they have a lot of other work to do and shall concentrate on it instead of wasting time on Guddan. He leaves. Ganga leaves after warning Guddan and drags Saraswati with her.

Later, Durga asks Ganga why she called them all there. Whole family is there. Ganga has arranged lots of sweets and asks to think why she did so. Ganga reveals that it is because of the good news that is about to come in her life: she can’t call outsiders so she thought to share the happiness with them. Guddan asks why she has made all these arrangements.

Ganga reveals that tomorrow evening she and Diljit will become one. Everyone gets shocked. Diljit says that this is impossible. Avinash tries to stop Ganga but she doesn’t listen to him and says that she has cancelled their fake relation. She pushes him away saying that he shall not touch her since he has no right. She says that she wants the engagement to be done before the divorce but it seems like Diljit doesn’t want that. She asks Diljit whether all what he said was a lie.

Guddan thinks that Akshat should control his emotions. Akshat looks at Guddan who nods. Diljit tells Ganga that he meant that he cannot wait for next evening so they should get engaged in the morning itself because he is too impatient. Ganga gets happy and makes him eat sweet.

Guddan looks at Avinash and thinks that he knows he is suffering because of her game but they shall wait for Choti and after that she will make everything right.

At night, Akshat and Guddan are sleeping. Ganga comes at the doorstep of room and says that she cannot bear her happiness and her Choti anymore. She points gun at Guddan and Akshat.

Suddenly Charulatha wakes up shouting. It was all her dream. She prays to God afraid of it to being a bad sign.
On the other hand, Guddan and Akshat get call from Charulatha. The latter shares her concern with Guddan. She asks her to tell Akshat to come to take her. Guddan says that the situation of Coronavirus is bad and she shouldn’t risk her life. She promises to bring her back when Choti will be back too. She assures Charulatha that everything will be fine. Charulatha apologizes for not being with them in such a difficult time. Guddan says that she is glad that she is safe at Massi’s house. She asks her to take care. Charulatha prays for her nightmare not to come true.

The next morning, all is set for Diljit and Ganga’s engagement. Ganga asks Saraswati to click pictures. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are unhappy. Durga taunts Ganga because none came in her engagement. Ganga says that it is because of Corona. She asks them to laugh. Guddan come downstairs. Akshat looks at her and says that he cannot see her sad face anymore. He promises to bring back Choti.
Episode ends