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Episode starts with Guddan says your Mom is there to protect you my dear! Be brave now I came I will protect you from every hurdle. I know you have many questions where I am till now and why I not came near you, I will answer your every question for this 20 year’s I was in that state that I don’t know who I am and leaved in this stage even I don’t remember my name. When I got back my memory and return back to you, you are in this stage but don’t worry now I will make everything fine my dear by blessings of lord Krishna. Guddan says you are same as me and feels happy that’s why you are facing all this just like your mom but when we both are together we can make everything fine. Guddan says but in all this you find perfect match just like your mom Agastya is very nice person, he loves you so much just like your your dad loves your mom.

Guddan no more crying from now on, we together will make all of them shed blood tears who are responsible for your this condition it’s my promise my dear, but you have to also promise me one thing that you will fight and defeat your health problems and become perfectly fine very soon common promise me my dear. Guddan sees some moments in Choti Guddan and encourage her I know you can do it my Choti and asks her to promise, Choti Guddan promises Guddan. Guddan feels happy by seeing Choti Guddan responding her and says I love you.

Agastya brings Choti Guddan to Birla house from hospital and says to Pushpa if Guddan is with her family who will take care of her she will recover soon Mom so, Pushpa says I know what you did is for Guddan betterment only and we all will take care of her, but it’s time for you to concentrate on our business also since we all there for Guddan here. Agastya says ok but you to have to promise me one thing you will protect Choti Guddan and my child in my absence. And one more thing I don’t want Niya near my Choti Guddan or my child if I see her presence here means I will not leave her remember it Mom consider it as my warning or what ever.

Sona comes to Niya and says what ever Agastya said to Pushpa and suggest her why can’t you go back to your home you can find perfect match to yourself. Niya says I don’t want anyone other than Agastya! Agastya is mine but in between this Idiot Guddan came and spoiled everything but I am not going spare this Choti Guddan, I will finish her and make Agastya as mine. Guddan listens there words and beats Niya and Sona black and blue with hockey stick. Pushpa and Saru Maa listen to there noise and comes there but they don’t believe Niya words.

Niya gets angry by seeing no one is ready to believe her words and says ok if you don’t want to believe it’s ok but I will see end of Choti Guddan today and takes sword, March to Choti Guddan room but Pushpa stops her and says you will get your revenge from Choti Guddan but not like this think before you do anything, we have to do everything by perfect plan not like this in anger which will harm us only in return. You can do whatever you want with that Choti Guddan tomorrow in absence of Agastya not now and more than you I want this Choti Guddan out of my Son’s life. Guddan thinks tomorrow nothing is going to happen with my daughter Choti Guddan but instead it’s going to happen with you all be ready.

In morning Saru Maa is seen hanging to wall with handcuffs. Sona comes to help Saru Maa but can’t because of itching sensation on whole body. Pushpa comes there by listening there noise but Sona and Saru Maa laughs seeing her in joker make up. Saru Maa it’s all done by Choti Guddan just like her Mom.

Here, in Choti Guddan room Guddan shows how she beat Niya and laughs along with Choti Guddan, they think they are only smart but don’t what I am! Now they will understand with whom they kept and I will protect you from every hurdle, but please you wake up soon and hug me my dear, I love you so much and I want to share everything with you my dear please wake up and call me as Mom, Mom loves you very much. Agastya comes to Choti Guddan room to place flowers and asks her to get up soon. Agastya feels some one presence in the room but at correct time Pushpa calls him and leaves the room. Guddan thinks today I am escaped somehow but till how many days I can protect Guddan like this I have to think some other way to protect my Choti.