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The episode starts with Guddan wishing for Akshat to bring Choti back. She feels like Choti is nearby. Choti is near Krishna’s idol. Guddan puts garland on Radha and Krishna’s idols.

Just then, Akshat comes back; he is still wearing turban and has fake beard and moustaches. Guddan turns around hearing the noise of the door opening but, before she can say or do anything, she sees Ganga coming inside too. She thinks Ganga understood their plan and wants to take blame upon herself since she cannot let Akshat get into trouble. Ganga stands in between Akshat and Guddan. Before the latter can say anything, Ganga asks her where Akshat is. Guddan understands that Ganga hasn’t understood that the man standing behind her is Akshat only.

Whole family comes and goons come too pointing gun at them. Ganga asks them to put guns away since a guest has come home and asks them to get snacks ready for the guest. Avinash questions Ganga about the man and she tells him that he saved her life. Avinash asks what happened to her.Ganga walks to Akshat and asks him not to be scared since the goons are only her bodyguards and they protect the family because they are so rich.

Saraswati comes singing and takes Ganga aside asking her what her next plan is. Ganga looks at Akshat and says that she will pray to Kanha. Saraswati gets confused by her behaviour and says that they pray to the devil. Ganga changes topic and asks where she was since so long. Saraswati replies that she went to colour her hair. Ganga scolds her for going out in this situation and tells Akshat that she cares for her family’s life. She behaves like she has a crush on him and even touches his shoulder.

Avinash scolds Ganga for gluing to a stranger man. Ganga says that he is sweeter than him and asks him why he cares since he has no relationship with him. She goes back to Akshat and says that she will introduce him to the family but remembers that he didn’t tell his name yet. Akshat says that he is Diljit Singh Dhillon. Ganga says that he stole his heart since he is hero type like a mako man. Akshat corrects her English saying that she might mean “macho man”. She giggles and blushes and then asks Lakshmi and Durga to go and get snacks and juice. Lakshmi and Durga leave.

Ganga invites Akshat aka Diljit to sit on sofa. He sits there. Ganga is about to go to him but Saraswati stops her and asks her what happened to her. Ganga ignores and says that she is going.

Guddan looks at Akshat and wonders what new drama has started. She is scared about time of saving Choti passing. Akshat thinks that he understands Guddan’s concern but cannot do anything with Ganga around.

Ganga goes to Akshat and praises his fit body. Lakshmi brings juice. Akshat intentionally makes it slip on his trousers. Since Ganga is distracted, Guddan walks away. Lakshmi apologizes. Ganga is about to slap her but stops and then is about to clean his trousers but he says he will do himself. Avinash is jealous. Akshat leaves to go to the washroom. Ganga is about to follow him but Saraswati stops her and asks her to come with her since she needs to talk with her urgently. Ganga says that she will come later but Saraswati drags her away. Lakshmi and Druga wonder who the “sardaar ji” is.

On the other hand, Guddan and Akshat secretly meet and Akshat tells her what happened earlier. Flashback starts. Ganga holds Akshat’s hand before he can chase the goons who escape away. She removes his mask and says that he was walking around with invite for Janmashtmi and seems like he followed her till there. He says that she has good memory. Ganga makes a pout saying that she remembers because he called her aunty. Akshat apologizes. Ganga replies that there is no sorry and thank you in friendship. Akshat is trying to leave and follow the goons to reach Choti but Ganga notices that he got hurt and his wound is bleeding. Flashback ends.

Ganga tells about what happened to Saraswati and says that she brought Diljit in the house to take care of her. She talks about him giggling, blushing and not being able to stop praising him. She calls him hero. Saraswati reminds her that she is married but Ganga doesn’t care and says that there must be a reason because of which Diljit saved her.

At the same time, Akshat tells Guddan that it was important to save Ganga’s life since she knows Choti’s whereabouts and he couldn’t catch the goons.

Ganga cannot stop praising Diljit and says that she has lost her heart on him. Saraswati wonders who this new neighbour is and how she didn’t know about him. Ganga recalls Diljit saving her. Saraswati shouts at her and asks about Choti. Ganga thinks that she cannot tell anyone about Choti missing and is sure that she won’t be able to resist much since she is just of few minutes. She refuses to tell anything to Saraswati. The latter tells her that Akshat hasn’t come home yet so he might have found Choti but Ganga says that nothing like this might have happened since they think differently. Saraswati says that their enemy is the same one and even Choti is not a common baby but a smaller version of Guddan.

Guddan cries and reminds Akshat about his promise to celebrate Janmashtmi together. She wonders where to find Choti. Akshat promises her that he will bring Choti back but Guddan now is keen on completing Ganga’s tasks and get Choti back. She is about to leave.

Just then, Ganga opens the door and asks Akshat/Diljit what he is doing there. He replies that he was looking for the washroom and met Guddan. He says that his mother is a big fan of Guddan and he likes his acting too. Ganga says that she was her fan too. Akshat/Diljit says that he has to go to washroom yet. Ganga asks him to go to her washroom and clean himself. She tells him where her room is. He leaves.

Ganga warns Guddan to stay away from stranger since Akshat has left home not her life. Guddan says that he is a stranger for her too but she doesn’t care about Avinahs. Ganga asks her where Akshat is. Guddan asks her to tell where Choti is first. Ganga looks on. None knows that Choti is at home only.

Episode ends