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The episode starts with Guddan throwing water on Saru Maa and slapping her both cheeks, Saru Maa thinks all this is done by Choti Guddan and tries to hurt her but gets schoked seeing Choti Guddan hands and legs are tied she is not not even state to move! Saru Maa listens Guddan voice and get fear rans from Choti Guddan rooms.

Guddan comes out from hiding place and says to Guddan when your Mom is there with you no one can’t do anything. Saru Maa and Sona keep chanting Mantras in fear of Guddan soul presence in Birla house, but Niya and Pusha not convince by there words and they say it’s completely your illusion no soul is present in Birla house. Somehow Saru Maa and Sona convince Pushpa to organise Tantrik pooja in order to find really Guddan soul is present in house or not.

Tantrik perform Tantrik pooja by chanting mantras, Niya comes there with floor filled face, Sona gets fear by seeing Niya like that and calls her devil, Niya gets angry by listening Sona word’s and asks Pushpa see Mom what they are saying and how can you believe in all this stupid superstition. Pushpa says you are saying right Niya all this pooja and havan are useless nothing is going to happen with the pooja, all this are game of Choti Guddan I am going to finish her today anyhow you people continue your pooja or whatever.

Pushpa marches to choti Guddan room with knife in her hand! On the other hand tantrik performing havan to catch Guddan soul, Guddan comes infront of Saru Maa and Sona in Durga Maa Avtar, by seeing Guddan saru Maa and Sona fear terribly and shouts lousy by hearing there sounds Pushpa turns back perplexed by seeing Guddan infront of them in Durga Maa Avatar, Guddan says you hurted a Mother by hurting her child now this Durga Maa will teach you all lesson. Pushpa and Gang fear to hell by listening Guddan word’s. Sona says Saru Maa to do something but Saru Maa says she can’t do anything in front of Durga Maa.

Suddenly lights go off and Guddan moves from there, Pushpa and Gang not found Guddan presence anywhere in the house and gets fear to death and starts moving out from Birla house. At the same time Agastya enters the house and they all gets fear and tension at same time by seeing Agastya presence and shouts loudly.

Agastya asks Pushpa and Gang why you all are shouting like this by seeing me as you people saw some devil or what and starts laughing. Agastya show’s Anklets to Pushpa that he brought them for Choti Guddan with love, before Pushpa respond to him, his eyes falls on Niya and questions Pushpa what she is doing here?

Mom already told you you I don’t want to see even her shadow near my Guddan or child but still you allowed her in this house how can you Mom Answer me! Niya says I will answer you Agastya I came to perform havan on Choti Guddan and her unborn child wellness and Choti Guddan should recover soon since I realised my mistakes. I am feeling shame on my myself for hurting Guddan so I am doing this havan on her name. Pushpa support Niya, Agastya says ok Mom is supporting you that’s why I am leaving for one last time but don’t come near Choti Guddan again or else I don’t know what I will do with you.

Agastya goes to Choti Guddan and shares his happiness that he met an Ayurvedic doctor today and bought oil for you for massaging your legs, once we start applying this oil you will become perfectly fine. I know Choti Guddan you are facing lot of troubles since I entered in your life but believe me Guddan I changed for you, your love on me changed me and I promise you that I will protect you and our child from every evil and hurdle please give me one last chance and get up quickly I can’t see you like this anymore Choti Guddan.

Agastya says I bought something for you, you want to see it? Choti Guddan nodes, Agastya says ok but before that close your eyes! Choti Guddan closes her eyes and Agastya decorates Anklets to Choti Guddan foot( song plays in background) after that he massage her legs with Ayurvedic oil. Episode ends here