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The episode starts with Guddan asking Ganga where Choti is and reminds her that she promised her to give Choti back if she completed all her tasks.  She asks Ganga to clearly tell Choti’s whereabouts but Ganga refuses saying that she won’t give Choti back until he doesn’t hear Akshat’s voice. She asks her to reply where Akshat is.

Just then, Akshat comes holding a bag. Ganga asks where he had gone. Akshat replies that he went to get lights since she had asked Guddan to arrange good decoration for Janmashtmi so he helped her. Ganga says that none is taking Corona situation seriously and adds that he should have asked her before leaving but Akshat replies that she wouldn’t have let him go. Ganga says that he is right but therefore he should stay at home and keep his wife away from stranger men. She leaves.

Guddan begs Akshat to bring Choti back since she can’t wait anymore. Akshat asks her to trust him and Lord Krishna promising that Choti will be soon back to them. They hug.

Akshat and Guddan come downstairs. Guddan feels Choti’s presence and prays to God to make her meet with her daughter.

Ganga comes downstairs too calling Diljit. She wonders where he has gone. She has changed saree and got all ready for Diljit. She asks Saraswati about Diljit but she ignores and leaves. Ganga looks around for Diljit. Avinash sees her and recognizes that the saree she is wearing is the one he had gifted her. He thinks her mood is fine now and she has decided to wear his saree on Janmashtmi.

Avinash says to Guddan that Ganga needs to be distracted so he can go to change his get up. Avinash goes to Ganga but she asks her not to bother her. Avinash wonders what she has become. Ganga rudely talks to him and asks him to leave from his way. He leaves.

Guddan goes to Ganga and asks her if Diljit will have food before leaving. Ganga replies of course since a guest cannot leave without food. Ganga decides to go to ask what food he wants but Guddan stops her and says that a guest won’t tell her what he would eat and what not as it would be awkward.

 Akshat tries to sneaks out and keeps glancing at them. Guddan asks Ganga if she likes him. Ganga nods blushing and giggling. Guddan suggests her to make delicious Punjabi food for him to conquer his heart. Ganga agrees with the idea. Akshat manages to get in the room.

Ganga calls Lakshmi there and asks her to make parantha, sabzi and saag while she goes to her room. Guddan gets confused and asks why she won’t make. Ganga says that she will make Diljit eat it only. She walks to the room. Lakshmi wonders who Akshat it. Guddan asks her to go and make food.

Ganga is about to get into room but just then Akshat comes out as Diljit and apologizes for taking so much time in washroom. Ganga says that it’s ok and she is making food for him and he shall eat before leaving. Diljit says that he should leave now.

Ganga tries stopping him saying that goons might get behind her again. Diljit replies that there are her bodyguards. Ganga convinces him not to leave and invite him for Janmashtmi pooja. Diljit has no choice but agree since Ganga keeps insisting.

In the evening, Guddan gets ready for the pooja. Akshat, who is still in Diljit’s get up, looks at her and thinks that he can feel her pain since they should have celebrated Janmashtmi with Choti. Guddan says that Choti would be there eating butter too like Krishna if she was there since she loves it a lot. Choti is just behind the idol. She crawls and gets inside the pot of butter. Guddan feels weird.

Durga comes to take Guddan. Ganga comes and asks them to leave and then calls Lakshmi asking her to bring lassi for Diljit. Lakshmi leaves to bring lassi. Akshat asks Ganga if family members do all the work only or she does something too. Ganga says that she does big works only like dahi haandi. She goes to the pot where Choti is to show but gets shocked seeing Choti inside the pot.

Avinash comes. Ganga tries to hide the pot. Avinash offers help to hold the pot but she refuses. Diljit leaves asking them to continue. Avinash insists to help Ganga but the latter keeps refusing and takes him aside saying that he must be tired so she will do everything. Just then, Saraswati comes and she is holding the pot. She asks Avinash to hang the pot and hands it over to him. Ganga is scared thinking that his game might be ruined. Avinash hangs the pot on ceiling.

Later, whole family gathers for Janmashtmi pooja. Ganga keeps looking at the pot. Guddan puts Krishna’s idol on swing and is emotional. She asks Kanha to bring back her Choti. Lakshmi asks who will break the pot.

Akshat, who is still in Diljit’s get up, suggests to make the pot break by the one who solves all problems with courage. Lakshmi says that in their house it’s Guddan only. Diljit wishes Guddan all the best. Ganga is very scared and thinks that she should do something as soon as possible.

Guddan grabs the rod to break the pot. She prays to Lord Krishna to make her meet with Choti. Guddan is all set to break the pot. Ganga looks on scared. Before Guddan can break the pot, Ganga stops her. Everyone asks what is wrong.

Episode ends