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The episode starts with Ganga stopping Guddan from breaking the pot and saying that they can’t do dahi handi without Akshat. Avinash asks Guddan to call Akshat. Guddan says that he won’t be able to pick up the call since he is taking shower so he will join later.

Ganga says that they shall wait for him since they cannot do dahi handi without a family member. She asks Diljit/Akshat if she is right. Diljit replies that he is right but he is busy for Janmashtmi pooja in his house so he should leave.

Diljit is about to leave but Saraswati asks Guddan to stop him since they cannot let a guest leave like that, insulted. Diljit says it is fine but Saraswati insists that he shouldn’t leave like this after he saved Ganga’s life. She asks Guddan to break the pot.

Guddan is about to break the pot. Ganga looks tensed. Ganga breaks the pot and dahi falls down. Ganga shuts her eyes but since none said anything, she opened them. She wonders if she just imagined Choti. Saraswati looks from behind and says that Ganga might be a strong player of this game but she is an old player.

Flashback starts. Saraswati finds Choti in pot and removes her from there putting her in another pot and filling the pot in which Choti was with dahi. Flashback ends.

Saraswati grabs the pot where Choti is but is shocked to see that Choti isn’t there anymore. She wonders where she has gone. Choti is seen crawling somewhere in the house.

Guddan stands in front of Krishna and Radha’s idol and recalls accepting Ganga’s challenge. Akshat, who is still in Diljit’s get up, comes there, followed by the rest of the family. Durga asks Guddan to start aarti but Guddan asks how she can start without Choti.

 Durga says that she knows she is very upset for not being able to find Choti but God is the one who can heal every wound, no matter how deep it is.

Before Guddan starts the aarti, Ganga asks where Akshat is since couple has to do aarti. Diljit pretends to have stomach aching and goes to the washroom. Durga asks Ganga to start aarti with Avinash while waiting for Akshat.

 Ganga makes grimace looking at Avinash. Durga says that fights don’t mean that they aren’t husband-wife and even though she hasn’t cared for any relationship, but this isn’t what other members of the family do. Saraswati asks Ganga what she will do now.

Ganga does aarti with Avinash. Akshat comes there and after Ganga and Avinash, he does aarti with Guddan who cries. Avinash prays to Kanha to give them back their daughter. Guddan thinks that they aren’t able to find Choti and she is still feeling like she is around. She is still waiting for a miracle to happen. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati do aarti too.

Choti is near Krishna’s idol. Guddan opens her eyes feeling her daughter’s presence. She looks down and finds Choti’s footsteps. She follows them crying emotionally. Ganga walks away from pooja. Guddan hears Choti’s voice.

 Choti is sitting on swing next to Krishna’s idol. She throws peacocks’ feathers down but when Guddan looks at swing, Choti isn’t there. Guddan cries and asks Krishna what game he is playing with her. She asks where Choti is.

Akshat goes to Guddan hearing her crying and asks what happened. Guddan says that Choti is there. Everyone sees footprints. Guddan asks where Ganga is. She is sure that the baby is with her.

However, Ganga is just into Diljit and going to give food to Diljit. Guddan stops her and asks Choti’s whereabouts. Ganga says that she is going to Diljit but Guddan gets frustrated and throws the plate she is holding on floor. She grabs Ganga’s wrist and drags her downstairs.

Once they are in the hall, Guddan yells at Ganga asking again where Choti is. Akshat says that a mother is never wrong and they also saw Choti’s footprints. He asks where Choti is. Avinash grabs Ganga’s elbow and asks her to tell where Choti is before she loses every relationship.

Ganga thinks that they won’t spare her if they come to know that she doesn’t know where Choti is too. She wonders where goons have gone to get tea. Guddan threatens Ganga. Everyone starts questioning Ganga about Choti’s whereabouts.

Ganga shouts them to get quiet. She says that a mother keeps feeling that daughter is around. She walks away after yelling but Guddan stops her and says that a mother’s feeling can never be wrong and everyone knows that Choti is in this house only. Guddan cries and falls at Ganga’s feet begging her to give Choti.

Just then, a curtain falls on Guddan. The latter stands up and looks on. A smile appears on her face and she indicates Choti. Everyone looks at the direction she indicated and gets happy seeing Choti playing with curtains.

Episode ends