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The episode starts with Guddan getting happy as she sees Choti playing with curtains. Everyone looks at Choti and gets happy and relieved. “Luka chupi” plays. Guddan cries and walks towards Choti. Ganga puts a hand on her head and thinks that a big problem will happen for her if Guddan gets hold of Choti.

Suddenly lights turn off. Guddan falls. Akshat brings torches and they realize Choti is no more there. Everyone starts searching for Choti.

Lights are turned on. Durga brings Ganga in the hall and questions her about Choti. Avinash grabs her elbow and says that he fell in love with her because of her pure heart. Ganga says that people change. Avinash says that they don’t forget who they are. He asks her where Choti is.

Lakshmi says that her game is over and she has no other way except telling them where Choti is. Ganga shouts that she was with them only and she doesn’t know where the baby is. Aksaht says that her goons weren’t there though.

Two goons come singing and point gun at Akshat. Ganga smirks and says here they are. Akshat grabs the gun and points it at the gun. He beats the goons and ask where Choti is. Avinash joins the fight and beat the goons with Akshat too. Ganga is tensed.

Ganga grabs the gun which had fallen on ground and shoots at the ceiling. She points it at Akshat. She threatens to kill them if they move even a finger. He warns Akshat not to move. Suddenly a hard ball hits Ganga’s hand and she drops the gun. Akshat takes the gun under his foot and moves it away from Ganga.

Everyone looks at Guddan who is standing on stairs. She seems very angry. She grabs a curtain and puts some weight in it and, after tying a knot, she wraps the curtain around Ganga’s feet. Ganga falls.

Guddan drags Ganga and asks her where Choti is. Guddan ties the curtain around Ganga’s neck and asks her again where Choti is. Ganga says that she doesn’t know.

Just then, everyone hears Choti crying. They see a screen turned on. Choti is shown crying in a baby cot while two of Ganga’s goons are pointing a gun at her. The goons say that they can take anyone’s life for their madam Ji.

 Ganga thinks that she got saved otherwise Guddan would have choked her today. She warns Guddan not to take her lightly otherwise next time she will give her a very bad news. Ganga asks goon to turn off screen and then asks them to wait for her next order.

 Guddan is broken. Ganga wonders how all this happened since she doesn’t know how goons with Choti appeared on screen too.

Guddan goes in the room and cries loud recalling Choti. Akshat comes and tries comforting her. Guddan cries hugging Choti’s baby cot, her photo and her toys. She cries saying that Choti was so close to them yet she couldn’t save her. She blames herself for being a very bad mother.

Akshat cups her face and says that they will fight this battle and win it. He says that they will have to win Ganga’s trust so that they can know her every step. The question is who Ganga will trust. Guddan calms herself down and gets up saying that she will prove that he is right when he says that she can do anything.

Ganga is in kitchen. She confused about whatever happened. Saraswati comes and says that she did everything, but name and money are all Ganga’s. She says that after lockdown ended, also her respect and fear in the house ended but now she has made re-entry. She tells Ganga that she is two steps ahead than her. Ganga slaps her hard and grabs her ear saying that her own cat is meowing against her.

Saraswati asks her forgiveness but then adds that the baby is with her. She wipes her tears and says that she is culprit in front of whole family while she will stay behind the curtain. Ganga asks her what she wants.

Saraswati asks for 10 laakhs rupees after which she will have nothing to do with her, Guddan or Choti. Ganga asks what if she doesn’t give money. Saraswati slaps her hard and asks her whether she got her answer. She mocks Ganga and leaves. Ganga is enraged.

After a while, Ganga is tensed about how to get 10 laakhs rupees. She wonders whom will help her. Akshat as Diljit comes. He apologizes for taking so much time in washroom and is about to leave but Avinash stops him saying that none goes empty handed or with empty stomach from their house. He offers pooja’s laddu and prasad.

Guddan asks him to give tray with prasad and laddu to her. She grabs the tray and walks towards Diljit but Ganga comes in between and says that she will give it to Diljit. She pulls the trea but chai falls on her hand. She complains about all the enemies she has. She gets shocked seeing Diljit dropping chai on his hand too. Ganga grabs his hand and asks why he did that.

Diljit replies that not everyone are her enemies, but some want to become her friends too. He says that her pain is his pain and that is the first rule of friendship. He says some cheesy lines to impress Ganga who smiles. He says that sometimes he wonders if she is the friend he has been looking for and reached Indore for.

Ganga asks him if he will be his true friend. Diljit promises to be always with her and forwards a hand towards Ganga asking if she will be his friend. Guddan thinks that, once Akshat as Diljit wins Ganga’s trust, they will soon reach Choti-

Episode ends