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The episode starts with Guddan emotionally looking at the handprints of hers, Choti and Akshat’s hands which she had put on a canvas.

On the other hand, Akshat, who is still in Diljit’s get up, beats Ganga’s goon in front of her. She asks what he is doing. Diljit replies that he is venting out his many years old anger. Ganga asks why he is venting out on these poor souls.

 Diljit keeps beating the goons and says that these two goons’ face is similar to his two brothers who betrayed him and took all his properties leaving him on road. He says that if a stranger had betrayed him he could have forgotten but their own people’s betrayal cannot be forgotten ever. He keeps beating the goons while Ganga tries to stop him.

Diljit is about to punch her too but stops. He recalls Choti in baby cot with goons and Guddan begging Ganga. He says that he hates his wife the most since she gave him the biggest betrayal by joining hands with his brothers. He thanks God for giving him such a beautiful girl after so long with whom he can open his heart. Ganga is flattered.

The two goons lying on floor mourns for pain. Ganga asks them to go to the doctor since her scene is going on there. The goons run away. Ganga asks Diljit what he was saying. Diljit continues his story: he could earn money again easily but gaining a dear one is just fate and today he can believe his fate again since he found her.

Ganga dreams marrying Diljit, exchanging garlands with him and clicking pictures. Diljit says that he might be thinking about her husband. Ganga says that he should leave him out and she was just thinking that their thinking is so similar, like two bodies and one soul.

Diljit says that he shared everything with her and asks whether there is any secret she wants to share with him. He thinks that he will find out about Choti today. Ganga chuckles and says that she wants to tell him something since he shared everything in his heart with him. She tells him that she came in this house as Guddan’s biggest fan but one bad day Guddan snatched her everything: her husband, her kid, her respect.

She says that she looks innocent from face and does comedy so that none can see the pain inside her but now she just wants revenge so she kidnapped Choti Guddan. She adds that she is not a bad human being but she cannot bear her dear ones’ betrayal.

Diljit says that she is very innocent and asks where she has hidden the baby. Ganga videocalls her goons who has the baby and shows Choti to Diljit who gets emotional seeing her. Choti stops crying seeing him and Akshat thinks that she recognized him in this get up too. He says that he will rescue her soon. Motu is about to give milk to Choti but she throws bottle on him and laughs.

Ganga takes mobile from Diljit and says that she will destroy Guddan now. She asks Diljit what he wants to say about her daring attitude. Diljit says that he is touched by her story which is similar to his one but her goons are useless and that is why they couldn’t even save themselves from such a little attack by the baby. He offers his help to take care of the baby personally. Seeing no response from Ganga, Diljit says that he understands that she doesn’t trust him yet.

Diljit is about to leave but Ganga stops him saying that she trusts him since he is the only person who decided to stand with her despite knowing the whole story. Diljit promises not to leave her ever. Ganga asks why he is ready to do so much for her. Diljit says that he has to fulfil their friendship and asks where the baby is. Ganga giggles and takes mobile.

After a while, Guddan is talking to Choti’s handprints. Akshat comes in the room and removes turban and fake beard. He tells her about the videocall he had with Choti who seemed to be fighting for herself. Guddan smiles and asks if he got the location. Akshat says that he was about to get it.

At the same time, Saraswati is with Ganga and says that thankfully she came on time. Ganga is still dreaming about Diljit. Saraswati says that he is just a stranger and he shouldn’t fall for his handsome face only. Ganga says that he is trustworthy too.

On the other hand, Guddan hopes Akshat earns Ganga’s trust so that they can get Choti’s location. Akshat hopes Saraswati doesn’t ruin their plan. Guddan says that she has a plan to keep her plan safe.

Meanwhile, Saraswati makes Ganga understand that Guddan might have sent Diljit to know her secrets and suggests her to take Diljit’s test before trusting him. Ganga agrees.

The next morning, Akshat comes at Jindal’s house in Diljit’s get up dragging a thing covered with red cloth. Ganga gets excited seeing him and rushes to him asking what the thing is. Diljit says that it’s a gift for her and uncovers the thing revealing a portrait of Ganga. The latter giggles and blushes seeing it. She is so happy. Diljit says that he painted it with his own hands.

Lakshmi wonders how Diljit got trapped with Ganga. Durga says that she doesn’t know but she hopes this relation stays till friendship only. Avinash looks at Diljit and Ganga and says that she is not his Ganga but has changed.

Ganga tells Diljit that nobody gave her such a great gift for her. Diljit says that he never gave such a gift to anyone too but he was very touched by the story she told her yesterday. Ganga asks Saraswati to click their pictures and poses with Diljit while Saraswati takes pictures. Diljit looks at Ganga and says that now this trust she has for him will take to Choti.

 Ganga is very happy. Diljit promises her not to let anything happen to her and says that she can even test him. He asks her to tell where Choti is so they end her story. Ganga’s smile disappears. She looks at Saraswati who shakes her head.

Episode ends