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The episode starts with Ganga telling Guddan that she got ready like the engagement is hers and insulting Avinash for standing there in such boring clothes. Avinash says that she is doing wrong as they took vows together and he filled her maang. Ganga says that soon Diljit will do the same and reminds him that he broke their relationship by going against her. She asks Guddan to bring the engagement ring. Guddan asks her to bring it herself since it’s her engagement. Ganga says that her heart will feel peace if she brings the ring. She pushes Guddan to leave. Akshat, who is sitting in Diljit’s get up, clenches his fist. Guddan leaves.

Ganga sits next to Diljit and just then she gets a message. She goes aside and gets happy as her goons inform her that Choti will be put on train in half an hour. Guddan overhears that and thinks that she has just half an hour left to save Choti so she must get out before it’s too late.

Ganga asks to do the ceremony quickly since her good time is going on right now. She stands up and Diljit does the same. Guddan brings rings and Ganga takes it. Akshat looks at Guddan wonder wonders why she is looking so worried. Ganga asks where he is lost. He makes excuse that he is too happy and lots of feelings are going on in his heart. Ganga giggles and forwards her hand to make him wear the ring.

Just then, Guddan intentionally hits Ganga who drops the ring. She shouts at her and asks her to find the ring. Guddan asks Lakshmi and Durga to help too. Akshat says that he will search for the ring too. Ganga says that it isn’t needed but Akshat says that the sooner they find the ring the sooner she will become his. He asks her to search for it too.

Everyone starts searching for the ring. While pretending to be looking for it, Akshat whispers to Guddan asking her what happened. She tells him that Choti is going to be put on train in half an hour so she should go to save her but Akshat doesn’t want her to go since there could be dangerous people. He convinces Guddan to let him go. Guddan whispers something to him.

Ganga finds the ring and says that now she will hold it tightly. She is about to make Akshat wear the ring when he clenches his fist. She looks on. He says that he needs to talk with her alone first. They go aside. Ganga asks what happened. Diljit says that he won’t feel happy and be able to engage with her until Choti’s work is uncomplete.

 Ganga says that she has done her setting. Akshat says that Motu Patlu are useless and will fear even his sneeze. He says that stress is visible on her face whereas he wants them to be happy on her engagement day. Ganga asks him to go and put Choti on train then.

Akshat accepts and walks away. Durga and Lakshmi wonder why he is leaving his own engagement. Saraswati thinks that something is wrong for sure and follows Akshat. Ganga is happy to get such an obedient man. She feels lucky.

Akshat is about to get on car when Guddan comes and asks him to take care and come back soon with Choti. She gives him a pendant with Lord Krishan’s idol for his protection and makes him wear it. Akshat says that he will be back with Choti. They hug and he promises to come back soon with Choti. He leaves.

Guddan sees Saraswati and gets shocked. Saraswati has witnessed everything and understood that AJ and DJ are same person. She says that she must inform Ganga. She walks away. Guddan says that she got trapped because of her emotions.

Saraswati is walking towards home when a bangle falls near her. She sees it and gets happy because it’s a golden bangle with diamonds. She wears it. Guddan comes showing her a diamond necklace. She gives it to Saraswati and says that all the jewels she was wearing today are for her. She shows the jewels lined up on ground. Saraswati starts picking them up. Guddan says that she can do anything for her Choti Guddan.

Saraswati says that her game is over now since jewels are with her and Choti is with Ganga. Guddan locks her in the room in which she had reached while picking the jewels and says that she won’t be part of the game which has just started. Saraswati shouts for help.

Akshat reaches Motu and Patlu and ask them to give Choti to him since now he is with Ganga who wants him to do the baby’s setting. Patlu refuses at first but Motu convinces him that Ganga must have sent him. They hand Choti over to Akshat.

 Guddan feels something and understands that Choti is safe. However, Choti pulls Akshat’s beard and giggles. Motu Patlu understand that he is not Diljt but Akshat Jindal. The latter says that now he will avenge the pain they gave to his daughter.

Akshat unwraps his turban and ties Choti to his chest with it. He removes his kada and holds it in his fist. He hits Patlu with it and swears to avenge all the tears his daughter shed because of them, all the moments of hunger she suffered because of them. He beats Motu and Patlu and then wears the kada back on his wrist.

He smiles at Choti and then calls police to handle the two goons. Choti laughs. Akshat understands she is excited to meet her mother and leaves the place.

Guddan is feeling restless and hopes to meet Choti soon. Just then, Ganga shouts her name. Guddan turns around just to face an angry Ganga. The latter says that her game has been revealed. She asks whether she thought everything will go so easily and she won’t come to know anything.

Episode ends