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The episode starts with Guddan being sure that Ganga melted after seeing her painting. She asks Krishna if her idea will work. She prays for nothing wrong to happen now that they are so close to Choti. Akshat in Diljit’s get up enters in the room and starts shouting at Guddan blaming her for what happened to Choti since she couldn’t take care of her at all. He says that her actions were wrong and her baby has to bear the consequences. He shouts that all this is happening because she deserves it. He calls her a bad mother, loser and failure.

Guddan looks at him shocked with teary eyes. He asks if he thought that she won’t face her karma if nobody pointed out all this. Guddan asks why he is saying all this. Akshat shouts her to shut up. He indicates the shadows on the floor with his pupils as Ganga and Saraswati are standing at the door.

Ganga pulls Saraswati’s hair and takes her aside blaming her for unnecessarily making Diljit do all this. Flashback starts. Diljit asks Ganga Choti’s whereabouts but she refuses to reveal because she finds it difficult to blindly trust anyone after whatever she has gone through. Diljit asks what he will have to do to gain her trust.

Ganga says that what’s the point of friendship if he will do something after she says only. She will believe him only if he will feel the hatred she has for Guddan. She says that she learnt all this from the movies she has watched from childhood. Diljit says that he understood. Flashback ends. Ganga says that not even Avinash stood for her as much as Diljit did. Saraswati wonders why a stranger is doing so much for her.

Just then, they hear Diljit shouting at Guddan and saying that he is a stranger for them all but Ganga is closest to him: their friendship is innocent and deep. He threatens Guddan not to say anything against Ganga ever because Diljit is standing with her now.

Durga, Lakshmi and Avinash come. Durga and Lakshmi bash Diljit. Before the latter can say anything to them, Avinash says that they have a tradition in the house which is not interrupting women when they are talking. He says that he must feel lucky that his younger brother isn’t there otherwise he would have taught him the consequence of talking with Guddan like this. He blames Ganga for giving so much respect to Diljit.

The latter looks at Guddan and raises his fist. He angrily hits the frame hung on wall shocking everyone. He thinks that he is feeling hurt for saying so much to Guddan and he knows he has hurt his family too but he has no other option.

Guddan feels pain seeing Akshat’s hand bleeding but controls her emotions. Diljit warns Avinash not to say a word against Ganga and be careful to choose his friends and enemies otherwise today there could have been also his face instead of the wall today. He leaves the room.

Ganga looks at Diljit going downstairs with a huge smile. Ganga threatens Saraswati not to doubt Diljit ever. She threatens to harm her and then walks away without listening to Saraswati. The latter wonders what the game is: Diljit is doing so much for Ganga and even bashed Guddan in her own house and Aksaht has disappeared.

Saraswati goes to Ganga and tries to make her understand that whatever is happening, especially the fact that Akshat is not there, is weird. Ganga gets thoughtful and wonders where Akshat is. Just then, Akshat comes in the hall shouting at Diljit, asking him to come out. He is wearing apron and holding a knife.

Whole family gathers around him. Akshat shouts at Ganga and threatens to drag Diljit on road. Ganga is scared by the knife he is holding. Akshat pretends to be enraged. Ganga asks him to calm down. Avinash taunts Diljit who isn’t coming out. Ganga says that he shouldn’t doubt his strength. Akshat shouts asking Diljit to come out.

Guddan tries to convince Akshat to leave all this and not get negative like Diljit and Ganga. Durga and Lakshmi ask Ganga to call her Diljit so that Guddan and Akshat will not spare him. Guddan says that she doesn’t want Choti’s life to be put in danger. Ganga promises her not to harm Choti for this matter. She has taken it as challenge and now wants Akshat and Diljit to fight each other.

Guddan tries to handle the mess asking why Diljit will do this. Ganga says that he is more than a friend for her so he will do this for her. She fixes the face off at 5pm in the evening and asks Akshat to be ready.

Later, Guddan and Akshat are in the room. Guddan wonders what to do since Akshat and Diljit are the same person so how can they fight. Akshat calms her down assuring her that everything will be fine and they will figure out something. Guddan gets an idea.

On the other hand, Avinash tells Ganga that his younger brother will not spare Diljit. Lakshmi agrees and says that none can win from Akshat who is boxing champion. Durga is sure that Akshat will win too. Guddan comes. Lakshmi asks if Akshat is ready. Guddan says that today something that none thought will happen.

Diljit comes and says that he isn’t there to fight Akshat but to talk with Ganga. He says that friendship has only one rule which is trust but she doesn’t trust him at all. He says that he came there for his special friend not to fight. He says that he has a business worth of millions and knows how to recognize a person. Ganga says that is why he liked her.

Diljit says that he dreamed a lot but in vain. He walks to Guddan and apologizes for bashing her so much. Guddan thinks that Akshat is doing very well and now Diljit will leave so Ganga will suffer. Diljit folds his hands in front of Ganga saying that he is leaving. He walks away but Ganga hugs him from behind crying and saying that she was wrong. She says that she trusts him.

Guddan thinks that Akshat should control himself for a while as plan is working out. Ganga says that he doesn’t have to fight with anyone since she has understood his love now. She asks him to come with her and promises not to let any third person come between them. She drags him with her. Guddan thinks that they will soon reach Choti now.

Episode ends