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Episode begins with Choti fearing that something is wrong as they sent Agastya outside of the house in this way when they attacked me last time. Sona comes and offers her a drink and says this will be good for you and your child’s health. She says to Guddan don’t worry today not only me but even Pushpa is also ready to accept her mistakes in front of all.

Choti looks around and finally starts to take sips from the glass. Once she is done with her drink, she is feeling dizzy. Guddan notices this and she says to her that you should sit and wait for me here till I will get a lime water glass for you. However choti is toxicated with the effect of alcohol by then and she starts to behave in a weird way with the guests present at the party.

 She is laughing for no reason and snatching away someone’s calf and then someone sunglasses and giggling like a kid. Pushpa comes forward and tries to know from her what is wrong with her ? She is in her own naughty mood and she calls her mother-in-law fatty and cute. She says my chubby cheeks mom-in-law is getting so much love on me all of a sudden.

 She also said that I got to know you are going to speak up the truth today in front of all. She says however before that I would like to say another truth to everybody. I will convey my feelings for my mother in law through a song dedication. She starts to dance on, ” Sasu ji tune meri kadar na jani” and everyone is shocked to see Choti behaving in such a way.

Everyone tries to stop her but she is not in control of anyone. She is dancing and signing towards her mother in law while singing the lyrics. Why everyone Guddan is having no idea what she is doing. Meanwhile, Agastya is back and he gets extremely angry and mad with Choti for humiliating his mother in front of everybody. He starts to scold her in front of all when Pushpa and Sona tries to calm him down and says she is pregnant so please behave softly with her.

Sona brings a glass of lime water for Choti and after drinking it Guddan is able to understand what is happening around her. Agastya again questions her again about why did she does this in the party? she says today I am not going to answer any question but it was the turn off my mother-in-law to speak up. Sona also insist Pushpa to speak up and she finally confesses all her crimes in front of Agastya in details.

She admitted in front of all that not only once but many times she along with Saraswati, Sona and Niya tried to kill Choti Guddan in every possible chance. Agastya couldn’t believe all this and he just burst out on his mother for being so ruthless. He says I trusted you once again and thought that you have changed for better. He says I can not believe this and asks an apology from Choti Guddan. Agastya walks out of that place in disgust followed by Mani and uncle too.

Choti Guddan later finds out that her mother is missed from the house and she is unable to see her. Agastya decided to punish the culprits of his wife when Pushpa asks him to listen to the full truth.