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The episode starts with Akshat coming back home with Choti. He looks at his baby sitting next to him in the car and says that he knows she is more excited than him to meet her mother and promises that now there will be happy only and he won’t let her go away from her parents ever.

Avinash is in the parking area and he is all set to beat Diljit and make him go back to his village. He sees him coming from behind. He is holding a rod and says that today he will punish him for snatching his love from him. He tries to hit Akshat but the latter moves away and reveals that he is Akshat only. Avinash asks why he did all this. Akshat reveals that they had to play such a game to save Choti and now she is back. Avinash sees Choti. Akshat is about to go inside but Avinash stops him and tells him that Ganga is playing death game with Guddan.

Inside the house, Ganga walks around Guddan saying that she knows that she pushed her intentionally to stop her engagement day. She asks her if she cannot bear her happiness and says that she didn’t create any drama in front of Diljit but now she will. Guddan understands that Ganga is not aware of their plan.

Lakshmi and Durga, who are at gunpoint of Ganga’s goons, ask her to reveal what she wants to do. Ganga removes red cloth from a table revealing two big jars. Guddan, Lakshmi and Durga get shocked seeing a snake in one jar. Ganga says that she will reminisce all the memories of the village with Guddan now.

On the other hand, Avinash suggests Akshat not to bring Choti in front of Ganga yet and go inside alone to save Guddan, Lakshmi and Durga from Ganga’s bad intentions. Akshat agrees. He asks Avinash to take care of Choti while he will handle everything else. Avinash asks him not to worry. Akshat is about to leave when Choti holds the corner of his sherwani. Akshat smiles at her.

Lakshmi asks Ganga whether she has gone mad. Ganga asks her to shut up and let her explain the game. She says that Guddan will have to put hand in one of jar: in one there is snake and in the other one there is her engagement ring. Lakshmi and Durga try to stop the game but Ganga threatens them with gun. Guddan agrees to play for Choti and Akshat. She is ready to do anything.

Avinash promises Akshat that he won’t let anything happen to Choti at the cost of his life. Akshat trusts him fully. Avinash asks him to leave. Akshat kneels near Choti and says that he doesn’t want to go far from her but he there is danger inside so he has to go alone. He promises to come back soon with her mother. He leaves. Choti cries.

Ganga tells Guddan that there is a twist in the story. A goon brings a cardboard and Ganga hides the jars behind it so that Guddan cannot see them. She shuffles the jars. Guddan keeps her eyes glued on Ganga’s hands. To disorient her, Ganga says that Choti has come. Guddan turns around and Ganga shuffles the jars. Durga calls her biggest cheater.

Ganga asks Guddan to start the game. Guddan shuts her eyes and forwards her hand towards the jars. She is about to put her hand into the jar containing the snake when Akshat, in Diljit’s get up, comes there and asks to stop. Ganga turns around and asks him if the work is done. Diljit says that it is done. Ganga is happy and says that now one work is left.

Guddan looks at Akshat who gestures her. Guddan thinks that now Ganga will see the old Guddan since Choti is safe. She ties her saree pallu around her waist and tells Ganga that she cannot play this game yet because Nagaraj is hungry. Ganga is confused. Guddan says that if she put her hand in the wrong jar and dies, Mahadev will get angry because she didn’t give any food to Nagaraj. Ganga agrees with her and asks her what to do. Guddan says that she should give food to Nagaraj and asks Lakshmi to bring milk for the snake. Lakhsmi leaves.
Akshat silently steps towards one goon and beats him dragging him away. Lakshmi comes with milk. Ganga says that been has to be played to entertain Naagraj otherwise he won’t eat. She asks Lakshmi to bring been. Lakshmi leaves. Akshat beats the other goon too and hides him too.

Lakshmi comes with the been and gives it to Guddan who starts playing it. The snake comes out of the jar and leaves the house. Ganga understands that Guddan ruined her game and calls for her goons and Diljit. Guddan says that nobody, not even Diljit, will come. Ganga asks Diljit to come but he doesn’t move. Guddan mocks her. Ganga calls her crazy and warns to take revenge. She asks Diljit to avenge her love’s insult. Diljit says that she is right. She removes the fake beard shocking Ganga. Lakshmi and Durga smile. Akshat removes the turban too.
Episode ends