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The episode begins with Guddan saying to Agastya no other remedy can make you come out of your drunken state than me and my unique ways. People discuss and talk about my way and hype them because they are worthy of it. Now that I am your mother-in-law and also the elder of this house hence it is my responsibility to make you normal again and I hope you have no problem with all these. She goes there saying good night while Choti doesn’t like this at all.

In the morning, Agastya is having a headache due to the hangover of last night. He calls Aarushi to have some conversation. Aarushi jokes about last night’s incident and Agastya asks her not to crack jokes now as he is having some important topic to discuss with her. She says she is ready to talk and will not do any fun further. Agastya says whatever I will ask you will answer that directly without any delay, insecurity, and fear. I just want a straight cut answer. Just tell me whatever is in your mind and she agrees.  He asks her do you like Aarav like you wanna spend your life with him? Is there anything going on between both of you?

Aarushi is surprised with such direct confrontation and doesn’t understand how to answer that and says you are directly asking me this but why? Choti also asks Aarav the same and says, tell me either yes or no. You like her or not, simple that’s it. Aarav says yes I like her a lot and in fact I love her a lot. On the other side, Aarushi also says the same but gets scared that my mother will never be ready for this relationship. Aarav also says to Choti that maybe my elder aunty won’t agree about it. Choti says I will talk to her and will make her agree on this.

Agastya also promises to have a word with Pushpa regarding this to Aarushi. Both Agastya and Choti came to meet Pushpa about Aarushi and Aarav’s alliance. She listens to them and says I won’t be ready for this alliance at any cost. Aarav is a short-tempered boy and I don’t want my girl to stay with such a human being. Guddan tries to make her understand but she doesn’t want to agree with it and says if you ask me the same question in different ways then that doesn’t mean I will give a different answer for this.

Guddan asks Pushpa to move on from whatever happened. She says we have to end this situation of tension and that is why I want you to agree for this because this is the only way to put an end to this situation. Pushpa agrees and thinks I have to do this to look good in the eyes of Agastya and I can cancel the relationship between them anytime using the anger issues of Aarav.

Guddan and Agastya come to the house with celebration and ask for permission from Guddan and she looks at Aarav and all and understands the situation and agrees for this. Guddan takes the promise from Aarav about minimizing his angry side. He promises to do that and all get happy while Guddan gets into deep thinking.