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The episode starts with Shona saying Choti Guddan has suffered a lot but still is fighting for her brother and she calls herself lucky. Agastya says Pushpa that Choti Guddan has proved that she is the perfect bahu. Agastya says that now it’s your turn to confess the truth. After you get the punishment I will again bring you back in this house and I will call you mother proudly.

In today’s party you have to do it. Agastya starts playing dhol again. Badi Guddan thinks slowly Agastya is becoming changed man. Pushpa thinks you will lose Guddan. No one can defeat me. I am going to win and in today’s party Pushpa plans to do something big.

Arav gets ready and Agastya says that at first mom needs to accept her mistakes and i cant stay with Choti Guddan until my mother in law gives me permission. Guddan helps Arusi to get ready.

Badi Guddan thinks that Pushpa is surely planning something and she will not confess her truth easily. Choti Guddan comes and says why are you thinking so much? Badi Guddan says Pushpa can’t change herself. She will not accept failure and will do something for sure to prove herself right. Choti says its Arav and Arushi’s big day. Please don’t create any scene today. Pushpa will also accept all her crimes. She leaves. Badi Guddan says Choti is too innocent and doesn’t know Pushpa’s real nature.

Arav and Arushi sit together and Sona tells Arushi that she is blushing and why is she being so shy? She tells them to exchange the rings. Everyone is happy and they exchange rings. Everybody claps and Arav Arushi take blessings from badi Guddan. Badi Guddan says please take care of Arushi otherwise I will scold you.

Arav says Agastya that because of you only Arushi and I are together. Choti Guddan says we will always support you and we will be by you side always. Arav and Arushi try to take blessings from Pushpa but Agastya stops them and he says when Pushpa will confess everything and will fulfill her promise. Then only she will give blessings to you both. Pushpa says I will do whatever I said. I won’t break my promise. But before that I want to feed kheer to my bahu Guddan. All the bad things I have done to her I want to apologize for that before going to police station. Badi Guddan gets tensed. She thinks I can’t trust Pushpa l, she can harm Choti. 

She recalls Choti guddan’s words that she will not create any problem in party. But still Badi Guddan can’t stop herself from stopping Pushpa. She stops her. Pushpa says whatever you are thinking, is not right. I have not mixed anything in the kheer. Pushpa says I will not welcome trouble in Choti guddan’s life anymore. I have decided to do something. Then suddenly Pushpa gets unconscious and falls down. Agastya holds her and everyone gets shocked seeing that. They think what happend to Pushpa. Nia enters the house and says Pushpa has drunk poison. Agastya screams saying Ma.

Episode ends.