Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan video-calling the others and sharing her excitement for the dance competition with them. She says that she can’t afford losing to Durga who is such a great dancer so they shall start rehearsing immediately. She wishes all the best and then Saraswati, Durga and Guddan start rehearsing by dancing on “Aaja nach le”.

Saraswati says that practice won’t get her anywhere, so she decides to call someone and tells him about the competition. She asks him to mix something in Guddan’s food so that she falls asleep for at least six or seven hours and loses the competition.

On the other hand Lakshmi is nervous thinking that she can’t dance as well as Durga and Guddan. Just then she receives a message from Vardaan and mistakenly forwards it to Guddan. The latter gets the message and wonders why Lakshmi sent her Vardaan’s message. She gets worried and hopes everything is fine. She calls Lakshmi and asks her if she argued with Vardaan. Lakshmi denies that but Guddan tries convincing her to tell her the truth so that she can help her. Guddan sits down while attending the call and doesn’t notice someone putting a medicine in her water. Guddan grabs the glass of water unaware of everything and is about to sip it when Lakshmi shares her concern about Vardaan who keeps yelling at her whenever she calls him and she suspects that he is having an affair. Guddan says that she will talk to him but Lakshmi stops her and says that she will handle the matter.

After a while Guddan video-calls Akshat who asks her not to worry since it’s just a competition. Guddan replies that she has to win it, moreover she is an actress, yet she hasn’t performed since long so obviously she will be nervous. Akshat says that she is India’s biggest superstar so she will easily win the dancing competition while he will help her with the cooking competition. He asks to change the topic and asks her to send few hot pictures of hers. Guddan asks him if he wants to mock her. Akshat replies that he couldn’t kiss her since he is far from her so at least he would be able to kiss her pictures. Guddan agrees to show him some pictures of hers and Akshat gives her a flying kiss. Suddenly Guddan faints while showing the photos. Akshat thinks she is just acting but then realizes that she has really fainted. He gets very worried and starts shouting but then Guddan gets up laughing since she was just pretending. Guddan pulls akshat’s leg. He scolds her for making her so afraid.

Guddan justifies herself saying that she was getting bored. Akshat makes her understand that soon everything will be normal and adds that he knows how to make her happy. Just then Guddan drops the glass of water on the floor breaking it and blames Akshat for distracting it. Akshat asks her to carefully clean the glass while he prepares a surprise for her. Guddan says that she is getting Lakshmi’s call also.

Guddan attends Lakshmi’s call while cleaning the glass. Lakshmi reveals Guddan that Vardaan was misbehaving with her only because he was planning a surprise for her. She tells Guddan that he sent her a bouquet and her favourite Chole Bathure. Guddan asks her to promise that she won’t suspect Vardaan again.

Guddan gets Akshat’s video-call and gets shocked seeing his hands tied. Akshat tells her that a thief wearing mask broke into the house. Guddan gets scared and asks what he wants. Akshat tells her that he is a die heart psycho fan of hers and he wants to see her singing, dancing and enacting a scene of her movie “Tujhe Mirchi Lagi To Mein Kya Karu”. Guddan starts dancing but then realizes that Akshat is just playing a prank on her. She scolds him. Akshat laughs and saying that it was a tit for tat. He adds that he just wanted to take revenge and also make her laugh. They say good night to each other and cut the call.

Meanwhile Saraswati gets a call from Ganga who warns her that she shall not do anything to Guddan otherwise she won’t spare her since she is Guddan’s biggest fan. Saraswati assures her that she isn’t planning anything but, after cutting the call, she says that she has to do something and get Ganga on her side.

The next day Akshat video-calls the ladies and asks them if they are ready for the competition. Ganga is very excited to dance on Guddan’s song. Akshat says that he wants to do a sweet dance with his Guddan first. Guddan asks how is that possible. Akshat replies that anything is possible if she is with him. Guddan agrees so they do a little dance. Guddan says that she felt like he was with her.

After that, Akshat asks Lakshmi to perform first. Lakshmi starts dancing on “Gallan Gudiyan”, followed by Ganga, Durga and Saraswati. At the end is Guddan’s turn and everybody looks at her impressed. However, Guddan starts feeling dizzy while dancing and falls on the floor. Everybody gets shocked. Saraswati smirks.