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The episode starts with Ganga asking the goons who are with Choti to open water from the tap above the baby. The basket in which Choti is starts getting filled with water. Guddan shouts but Ganga says that her heart won’t melt and orders her to stop.

On the other hand, Akshat gets up from the hole in which he was buried. Guddan is enraged and she grabs Ganga’s neck throwing away the gun she is holding. She pins Ganga against a pillar and chokes her saying that she won’t spare her now since she has crossed all limits. Durga and Lakshmi try to stop Guddan because Choti is with Ganga. Guddan stops hearing the baby crying.

Rain starts and the water cleans Akshat’s body which was dirtied with sand. Ganga threatens Guddan that she won’t spare her for what she did and asks her goons to increase the speed of the water. She says that she will punish Choti for her mother’s deeds. Guddan says that she is Choti Guddan and she and her goons can’t do anything to her. Ganga says that she cannot understand her: being bubbly is nice but losing her mind in such a time is wrong. Guddan says that suggesting is good but she should look at the projector once since her plans seems to fail.

When Ganga looks at the projector, she gets shocked seeing Akshat there. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are happy to see him alive. Akshat sees Choti in water and rushes to get her. Choti smiles. Akshat tells her that he missed her a lot. Ganga shouts to stop him.
Avinash comes and gets shocked seeing Akshat. He says that it is impossible since he buried with his own hands. Akshat says that when a daughter is in danger, not even a bullet can kill him. Avinash orders goons to kill Akshat. The latter fights with them after placing Choti down safely. He beats the goons.

Guddan looks at Choti who says that she is very lucky to have a father like Akshat. Durga says that she is lucky to have a mother like her as well. She says that it’s time to teach a lesson to the devil who has put them in difficulty and not to cry. Lakshmi agrees and says that there Akshat will teach a lesson to the goons and here they will teach one to Ganga. They show their fists which are filled with some red powder to Guddan. She nods.

Goons hold Akshat and choke him. Avinash orders to kill him. However, Akshat frees himself and beats the goons with bat. Avinash grabs a hockey stick. At the same time, Durga and Lakshmi throw pepper powder on Ganga’s face and she starts screaming. Avinash stops before he could hit Akshat as he sees Ganga on the projector. Guddan grabs the gun Ganga was holding and drags her threatening her. Akshat asks Guddan to stop and not to do anything to Ganga. Guddan, with the help of her daughters-in-law ties Ganga to a chair with rope.

Avinash warns Akshat to stop his wife but he says that he doesn’t fear him anymore. He beats Avinash who falls down with his face towards the ground. Avinash gets scared seeing glass in front of him, close to his face. He asks Akshat to stop but he is enraged. Avinash begs him to let him go but Akshat says that he targeted his family so he won’t spare him. He punches him and says that now he can continue his drama in jail since he and his wife will spend his whole life there. He calls police saying that he is sending a location to them. He tells that Choti is safe.

Akshat turns towards Choti but just then Avinash grabs a dagger fallen near him and gets up. He stabs Akshat from behind. Guddan sees that on the projector and screams. She cries. Aviansh says that Akshat should have killed him when he had chance. He says that he won’t go to jail nor let Ganga go.

Avinash is about to grab Choti but Akshat holds his wrist and pushes him away. Akshat picks Choti in his arms and is about to run but slips and falls. Avinash grabs a hoe and is about to hit Akshat with that but Guddan stops him saying that if anything happens to Choti or Akshat then he will lose his most important relationships.

Guddan shows Ganga with rope tied around her neck. Guddan points a gun at her. Avinash says that if something happens to Ganga then he will cut Akshat and Choti. Ganga praises Avinash. Akshat asks Guddan to bring Ganga there and take Akshat and Choti away but threatens to cut Akshat’s neck if police come. Akshat doesn’t want Guddan to come there and asks her to trust that he will bring Choti to her safely. Guddan says that she trusts him but not these devils so she will have to come for him and their baby. She asks Lakshmi and Durga to free Ganga. Her hands are tied though. Guddan says that Avinash promised to give back Choti and Avinash but she won’t free her until that promise would be fulfilled.

Guddan asks her daughters-in-law to stay home and asks Saraswati to keep her grudges aside and stand with her family. She is sure that she won’t lose this battle. She drags Durga with her, out of the house.

Akshat assures Choti that they will soon be back home as the biggest heroine for the world is coming to take her, but she is their hero number one for the two. Guddan comes and cries seeing Akshat and Guddan. She understands that Akshat is smiling so that Choti doesn’t get scared. She says that she has come. Akshat and Avinash look at her.

Episode ends