In Zee TV’s show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega viewers will get to see high voltage drama in upcoming episodes. Earlier we have seen Choti gets angry on Badi guddan. She says Agastya and his family won’t listen to Badi guddan anymore. Then, Pushpa reveals her plan to Badi guddan after she came in her room. Pushpa says she drank real poison only to regain Agastya’s trust. Now Agastya will forget everything related to punishment and will only take care of his mother. Pushpa says I won’t confess so easily. I will make Choti guddan’s life hell. Choti is so stupid. Agastya hears everything from outside and gets shocked knowing that his mother has started playing dirty games again. Choti is unaware of everything.

In the upcoming episodes we’ll see that Agastya will take a tough decision to stop Pushpa. He will say Badi guddan that its his promise that he will punish Pushpa for all her wrong deeds. He says being guddan’s husband I will not break my promise. Then we’ll get to see that police comes and says there’s a charge for domestic violence against Pushpa. She tried to kill her daughter in law. So, police will arrest her. Pushpa gets shocked. Choti also asks everyone that who filed a complaint against Pushpa. Agastya says I did it. Choti gets shocked hearing that.

Will Choti guddan realise her mistake? Will she too support Agastya?

Will Pushpa confess her truth finally? Or she is going to begin a new drama.

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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