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In Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega viewers will see an important plot twist. Which will be entertaining to watch. Earlier It’s seen Pushpa shows her true colors and Agastya hears them and He makes a tough choice and decides he will not let anyone hurt choti guddan. Choti guddan takes decision by getting emotional. Agastya takes Badi guddan’s blessings and says I wont repeat my mistake of trusting my mother again. Pushpa gets ready to return back to her house. But inspector comes and she gets arrested. Choti pleads a lot to stop Agastya from taking such decision but he doesn’t listen to her. Choti has no idea of the incident and Agastya is doing it for his wife only. Choti says she is not satisfied with all these things. Due to this revenge drama all are getting separated.

In upcoming episodes we’ll see that Mani will come to the house and will start blaming badi guddan for sending Pushpa to jail. He says you should accept it that because of you only my mother is in jail. He gets very angry. Agastya will slap Mani and will say that Badi Guddan is not responsible for this. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Here, the inspector will start beating Pushpa and Pushpa will feel helpless. Choti then comes and stops the inspector. The inspector says we took her with us because she tortured you but why are you saving her now? Choti says you can’t beat her like that. It’s inhuman. She takes care of Pushpa. Pushpa gets hurt.

Will Pushpa understand that she should not have done all this to Choti? Pushpa will be guilty or not?

Will Mani cause trouble in Choti and Agastya’s life? Will he take revenge from badi guddan?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next keep watching Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. And keep checking this space for more updates.