Drama galore high in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega after AJ comes and hugs Angat saying he is always with him.

AJ’s this act will shock Guddan and she will say this man is not worthy to stay in his life as he is the one who has tried to kill him. AJ after hearing Guddan words will ask who she is. Guddan will say she is his wife but AJ will refuse to accept her.

Now ahead in the upcoming episodes will see Angat will take up this opportunity and he will force Guddan to marry him. Angat will say to Guddan that AJ has lost his memory and he doesn’t recognize her. If she wants to stay here then she has to marry him by wearing mangalsutra by his hand.

Guddan will say no to Angat. She will say that AJ will get his memory back and she will stay with him no matter what.

As reported earlier, Guddan jumps into the water and saves AJ from drowning down. She saved AJ’s life but AJ lost his memory will shock Guddan. What Guddan will do next to bring AJ’s memory back will be interesting to watch.

But as per the sources AJ is doing drama of memory loss to trap the culprits and soon he will reveal the truth in front of everyone.

What more twists and turns happens in the upcoming episodes of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega will be exciting to watch.

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