Zee TV popular daily Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is witnessing high point drama with AJ’s fake memory loss drama.

AJ and Guddan teams up to catch the real culprit who has planned to kill AJ. AJ currently in the show is doing fake memory loss drama so that he can catch Angat and the person who is plotting against him. Angat on the other hand is forcing Guddan to marry him as AJ lost his memory and don’t remember him. Guddan says Angat that she will never marry him. Angat gets furious and brings the divorce paper for AJ and Guddan. AJ sings the divorce paper and asked Guddan to do the same. Guddan got shocked and decided to leave the house. AJ went to Guddan and asked where she is going. Guddan said- I know he can give divorce to her thus she is leaving. AJ said he do singed divorce paper but it’s fake. Guddan gets happy. Meanwhile, Rocky hears them and asked AJ and Guddan that he will tell the truth to everyone. Rocky calls Durga and Angat to tell them the truth however; AJ handled the situation and fooled Durga and Angat. Durga will try to bring out AJ fake memory loss drama but AJ will save himself this time too.

Now ahead in the story will see AJ will make a plan to catch Angat. He will tell the plan to Guddan as how they will catch Angat red-handed to expose the real culprit. AJ and Guddan will be shocked to see Angat planning with Durga. So, do AJ and Guddan will come to know that Durga and Rocky too is in the team along with Angat, time will only tell. And what next AJ and Guddan will plan to catch the culprit will be interesting to watch.

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