In Zee TV’s popular daily Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega viewers will witness some high point drama after AJ returns home.

As reported earlier Guddan will manage to save AJ and she will bring him back. Here after returning AJ’s behavior will shock her when he will hug Angat saying, he is always with him. Angat will be happy knowing that AJ has lost his memory and he don’t remember Guddan. He will ask Guddan to marry him but Guddan will say NO to him. She will also assure him that AJ’s memory will be back soon.

Later, at night Guddan will bring wires to give shock to Angat, same like he has done with AJ. She will be about to give him the shock but at the same time AJ will interrupt her and will take her away. Guddan will be surprised after AJ confesses that he is pretending memory lost to catch the real culprit. He will also say to her that Angat alone can’t plan such a big trap to kill him. Guddan will be happy to know that AJ remembers everything and the duo will share a hug after long time.

Now ahead in the story Durga will doubt AJ and she will come up with a plan to check whether AJ is pretending memory loss or just lying. She will serve dry fruit dish to all. Meanwhile, AJ will ask Guddan to keep this as their secret but Rocky will interrupt the duo saying, he knows that AJ is pretending about his memory lost which will shock Guddan and AJ.

It will be interesting to watch, do AJ and Guddan will be caught or AJ will do something, so that no one believes Rocky.

Stay tuned with us to know more.