In Guddan till now we have watched Guddan is back to rescue Choti Guddan from Pushpa and Gang, how Guddan is spoiling there plans. In a recent episode, we have watched how Niya tries to kill Choti Guddaan by drowning her in water by tieing her legs and hands. Somehow Choti Guddan tries to protect herself,

 In the meanwhile, Guddan comes in search of Choti and protect Choti successfully. Choti becomes happy by seeing Guddan in front of her and says she always feels her parents existence near her, Guddan showers all her on love on Choti Guddan. In mean while Pushpa and Gang come near pool and feels upset by seeing Choti Guddan alive and tries to hurt Choti Guddan again but in meantime Agastya comes there and gets by seeing Choti Guddan condition tries to hurt Niya but Niya questions him why he wants me because making your wife by shock treatment just see your Choti Guddan fit and fine and gets happy, Agastya and Choti Guddan shares beautiful moment.

On the other hand, Guddan takes a pledge to create rift between Pushpa and Gang, teaches them lessons in their own way.


Guddan and Choti team up together to teach lessons to Pushpa and Gang. Guddan says from now I will be your Krishna and you are my Arjun and we both teach them lessons and bring their true face in front of Agastya.

Choti I know you are fighting with your own people it’s very difficult for you but you should punish them for there sins what they with you and your baby, then only they will understand what they did and not do anything like that again, you have to be strong if you won’t win over them don’t worry your mom is with you in your every step from now on.


Choti Guddan and Guddan started executing there plan to fear Pushpa i.e Pushpa sees Choti Guddan and Guddan same time at two different which makes her scare to hell.


In the upcoming episodes we will see how Choti Guddan and Guddan fear Pushpa and Gang, makes them to convey there sins by there own words.


To know how Guddan teaches lesson to pushpa and Gang who hurted Choti Guddan in her own unique way! Stay tuned to this page for more updates.