In Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega viewers will see a lot of interesting drama. Earlier we have seen that Choti is impressed after seeing Pushpa’s drama. Pushpa returns the restaurant to Choti Guddan and Choti gets happy. She hugs Pushpa. Agastya notices everything but he doesn’t want to trust her mother. Pushpa saves Choti when she was about to fall when it was all Pushpa’s planning. Later Choti receives a huge order. She gets excited and says she is really thankful to Pushpa. Pushpa starts her drama in front of Agastya. Agastya is not fully convinced but Pushpa’s sudden change of behaviour surprises Agastya.

In the upcoming episodes Pushpa and Nia will reveal their plan. Pushpa will say their first plan of returning the restaurant to Choti was appropriate. Nia says Choti is really an emotional fool and stupid. Pushpa says their next plan should be different and exceptional. Viewers will see that Nia will be lying on bed in Choti’s place and she will cover her face with a duvet. Then, Agastya mistakenly will hug Nia. That time Choti knocks at the door and when Agastya sees Choti he gets shocked and Nia wakes up with confused look. She will act as if she didn’t expect that at all. Choti Guddan also gets shocked.

Will these tricks of Nia and Pushpa get Agastya and Choti separated from each other?

Will Choti misunderstand Agastya? When will Pushpa get exposed?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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