Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’s new twist will bring a lot of changes in the story. Earlier we have seen Choti is not at all happy with the decision of Agastya. She tries her best to save Pushpa who still wants to harm Choti guddan. Police arrest Pushpa and an inspector starts beating her with a stick. Choti stops her and takes stand for Pushpa. Here, Mani accuses Badi Guddan for all the mishaps. Agastya slaps him but he gives Agastya one day and says he wants his mother back within 24 hours. Agastya fails to make him understand that whatever he did is right and putting her behind bars can only stop her from committing crimes. Choti also says clearly that now its her turn to become a perfect daughter in law.

In upcoming episodes we will get to see Guddan urges her mother to forget the revenge drama. Its destroying Agastya’s whole family and everything will be finished. Badi Guddan says Agastya finally has taken the right decision and he is not wrong. She tells, Choti should support Agastya. Choti says you are right Agastya has fulfilled the duty of a son in law and its my turn to fulfill the duties of a daughter in law. Next day, Pushpa and rest of her partners enter the house and it shocks badi guddan. Choti guddan says that from now I will do whatever I feel is right. You can’t stop me.

Will Choti’s innocence bring more trouble in Agastya and Choti guddan’s love story? What will Pushpa do to take revenge?

Will Badi Guddan be able to stop Pushpa? What will Agastya do to save Choti from Pushpa?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

For more such updates keep watching the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega and stay tuned to this space.