In Zee TV popular show Guddan Tumse Na Payega viewers will witness a high voltage drama after Pushpa succeeds in her plan and Nia too helps her in doing so. At first both of them try to instigate Agastya by saying that guddan’s family won’t respect him like before because Agastya is similar to a servant for them. He doesn’t have any work. They give household works to Agastya and he agrees to do them all.

Pushpa’s words still cant change Agastya’s mind as he is totally in love with Choti guddan. He warns Pushpa again that she should immediately stop all her drama. Agastya also tells them to leave as soon as possible. Pushpa makes a new plan with the help of Nia. While Agastya enters his room at drunken state. He mistakenly hugs Nia who was lying there in Choti’s place. Next morning choti gets shocked seeing Nia in that condition with Agastya.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see that Pushpa starts her drama in front of everybody and she will start shouting at Agastya. She says how can you spend a whole night with some other girl despite of being husband of someone else! Agastya gets embarrassed. Choti too gets upset. Badi Guddan observes everything. Nia starts her emotional drama. After that Agastya will go somewhere to meet Badi Guddan. Badi Guddan will say that whatever happened to you was not right. But you know for Choti what shall we have to do. Agastya touches Badi Guddan’s feet and suddenly pushes her down.

Does Agastya push Badi Guddan to death? Is this a new plan of Badi Guddan and Agastya?

It will be interesting to watch what’s in store for us? To know what will happen next keep watching Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. For more such exciting news stay tuned to this space.